Watch! Joma Sison talks with pride close relationship with “Ka Isko” via German Moreno aka Kuya Germs & more

A certain netizen named Joan Carlos posted a 70-second video of CPP/NPA founder and Chairman Joma Sison Yorme expressing his happiness that Yorme Isko Moreno and a certain Jackie met again to express their views what can be done to improve the lives of the people of Manila.

Sison said that he was happy to have introduced Isko and Jackie to each in the Netherlands at the time of the 4th round of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiation in 2017.

Sison wished that they would help each other to bring about changes for the benefit of the people of Manila.

Sison wished to share to”Ka Isko” the fact that German Moreno aka Kuya Germs, Isko’s adopted father, was a classmate of Jackie and the CPP NPA founder in Letran. He said it appeared Mayor Yorme is fated to become friends with Jackie and him.

Before he ended his message, Sison wished to congratulate “Ka Isko” for his resounding success in becoming the Mayor of Manila, in so short a time, he has done so much to impress the people of Manila and the entire Philippines for his determination and effectiveness in serving the people.

A quick google search led us to the original version of Joma Sison talking about Yorme Isko and a certain Jackie Rodriguez, Rotary Club Manila President. You may watch the video here.

Here’s the continuation of the video message of Joma Sison:

I presumed that in the current forum, Mayor Isko Moreno is expected to give a comprehensive view of his policies and plans for the governance and progress for the city of Manila. I have only a simple and concrete question, no doubt it is highly commendable that you have cleared the major streets of Manila of the graft-laden anarchy of vendors. But are their provisions for the poor vendor to peddle their goods in some permissible areas? Or to have alternative means of livelihood?

The video has been shared by a known Duterte supporter, Atty. Darwin Canete, a DOJ lawyer by profession and a huge critics of the Dilawans and anti-Dutertes in his spare time.

Here are some of the reactions of netizens to the video.

“ka isko talaga?🤣🤣grabe kaya pla nabbsa ko jomagoso na” a netizen asked.

“Wow shocking ! Kaya pala pintangqo ni ka isko ung mga tarpauline againts NPA sa manila, now make sense na,” commented another.

“Ayan na po patunay c KA ISKO.. wag maging bobotante.. KAtropa pala ni joma.. Ingat mga taga manila” warned another.

“Lahat ng sinasabi ni ka Eric walang duda! Animal talaga itong callboy tolongges! kya todo tanggol mga makabayad bloc kagrupo pala si callboy jomagoso nga!” wrote another netizen.


Source: Joan Carlos

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