Watch: Pickpocket caught in the act while stealing the purse of the woman

It’s the year 2016 but the criminals, especially the pickpockets use the same technique that works well for them without getting caught by their victims.

Pickpocket in Cebu City

Screenshot of the image of the pickpocket.

However, not getting caught by their victims is only a temporary victory for the pickpockets. This is when a determined bystander records him in the act of committing a crime & his face will be plastered all over Facebook. I don’t think any pickpockets will still have the ‘nerve’ to go out of his house once he realized, he is now famous, in the wrong way.

The video shared by a netizen that goes by the Facebook handle Chan Cane should prove my point. As of this writing, the video is shared almost 3K times and viewed almost 119K times since it was uploaded on December 29, 2015.

The pickpocket incident occurred on Decemeber 21, 2015, four days before Christmas, while the netizen was on board a public utility vehicle in Cebu City.

The netizen wrote a word of warning to the riding public who happened to watch his video to stay on alert at all times especially when taking the public transport. He especially warned the riding public taking the 17B jeepneys in Cebu City since this is where he caught the alleged pickpocket on video.

He said, the alleged pickpocket succeeded in stealing the purse of the woman. Fortunately, the pickpocket only got away with loose change inside the purse of the victim.

You watch the video now:

Please SHARE ! ! ! ! ! Monday, December 21 2015. akong atbang MANGUNGUOT!Katong permi mu sakay og 17B. Pagbantay mo aning tawhana, tan.awa iyang style sa PAGPANGUOT. palihug kog timaan sa iyang FESS! Maau lang gani kay ang NAKUOT niya ni nanay sinsilyo ragyud sa pitaka/pouch nga gamay..kung mu hamag man gani aning ing.ani nga sitwasyon ayaw lang jud og kompiyansa kay basin wala rani siya nag inusara basin naa ni kuyog lain, niya basin naa pod ni katong mga padong mu trabaho, skwela or asa pamo.. pag bantay bantay lang jud mos inyung mga gamit basta naa sulod sa sakyanan de pasaheroan, kay karong panahona di na jud kompiyansaan.PLEASE SHARE! para ma aware pod ang uban.

Posted by Chan Cane on Monday, December 28, 2015

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