Watch: President Duterte goes beast mode, declares war with CJ Sereno, tells Congress to fast-track impeachment

Triggered by CJ Lourdes Sereno’s insistence that he is behind her troubles lately, an irritated President Duterte just declared war with Sereno.

“I already told CJ Sereno, I am not into the habit of running after my enemies. I have no history on that.”

He cited his long feud with Congressman Nograles who filed many charges against him, some even reaching the Supreme Court as an axample. Duterte maintained he never retaliated.

A furious Duterte said that if Sereno insists he is pulling the strings controlling the people who filed an impeachment case against her, Duterte told Sereno, “Count me in! and I will egg Calida to do his best!”

Pres. Duterte switches between Tagalog and English while delivering his warning shot at Sereno. “Ako na rin mismo maglatag kalaban sayo. Sinasabi ko na sa iyo na hindi ako nakikialam. Now sige la diyan daldal ng daldal, o sige upakan kita.”

“I will help any investigator. Talagang upakan kita. So I am putting you notice that I am now your enemy and you have to be out of the Supreme Court, Duterte declared.

“I will see to it that after this, I will request Congress to go to impeachment right away because the two entities can hear the case simultaneously.”

“They can proceed with the quo warranto because quo warranto is Supreme Court while impeachment is Congress.”

“So I’d like to ask Speaker Alvarez now, “Kindly fast-track the impeachment now.”

“She (Sereno) is bad for the Philippines.”

Pres. Duterte lamented the double standard in our justice system by citing case of a poor teacher who was fired from her job because she failed to filed her SALN, but Sereno who was making a lot of money from her practice (remember the PIATCO case wherein Sereno acted as the lawyer for the government and collected P30M but did not pay any taxes?) remains untouchable.

“What is so special about Sereno?” President Duterte asked.

He said he is not afraid to go to jail with her and de Lima but in one condition – he is jailed in between the cells of the two opposition personalities.

The President, in jest, said he will make do between de Lima and Sereno, drawing laughter from the audience.

Towards the ends of his speech, the President reiterated his call to the congressmen to impeach Sereno, otherwise he will do it for them.

The President delivered his customary message today before departing for China to meet the Chinese President.

Video courtesy of CNN Philippines below.

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Posted by CNN Philippines on Sunday, April 8, 2018

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