Watch: PRRD burns VP Leni Robredo: “Kung sakali lang maging Presidente sya, gawin nya yan. She does not lecture me.”

A video of President Duterte answering questions from a lady reporter regarding his opinion regarding VP Leni Robredo calling the administration’s anti-illegal drug campaign a failure has been making the rounds online.

In the video, President Duterte can be seen holding back his laughter, perhaps amused by the temerity of the Vice President to make recommendations or gave grades to the matter when she her stint at ICAD was very short-lived.

Lastly, President Duterte did not disappoint his supporters and threw insult to the Vice President by telling her she can do as she please re transfer chairmanship from ICAD to Dangerous Drugs Board if ever she becomes President.

Lady Reporter: Mr. president, what is your opinion on Vice President Leni Robredo calling your drug campaign a failure?

PRRD: (Duterte holding back his laughter at the question of the reporter) She has been there? How many days? 17 days? 18 days. Ah, you know, I hate to say this but how many voters are there in the Philippines just do away from the 200,000+ she got as a majority over Marcos? It was a really a mistake…with a slim margin and you talk big, you know, for all these years, she has done nothing. She is a colossal blunder. COLLOSAL BLUNDER…blunder.

Check out the transcript of th video below.

Lady Reporter: What about her recommendations, Mr. President? For example, to transfer the chairmanship of ICAD to Dangerous Drug Board? Sinabi po niya sa press conference?

PRRD: Saan ilipat?

Lady reporter: From PDEA to Dangerous Drugs Board ang chairmanship ng ICAD. Are you in favor of that?

PRRD: Ah…If ever…kung sakali lang maging Presidente sya, gawin nya yan. She does NOT lecture me. I do not have the slightest…as a lawyer lecturing on me when she should revisit her record I suggest.

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