Watch: Rape of female cadres rampant in NPA? Former NPA rebel says this is one the reasons why she abandoned the movement

While the NPA have been staging attacks of government troops in the countryside, a video exposing the rotten system of the CPP-NPA circulates online.

The Facebook page ‘Poopingscope’ posted the video of Marife Benusa aka ‘Ka Juliet’ on July 24, 2017 to expose the hypocrisy of the CPP-NPA and rotten system inside the longest running insurgency movement in Southeast Asia.

‘Ka Juliet’ is now an enlisted member of the AFP, together with her husband, whom she met in her guerilla days.

In the video, ‘Ka Juliet’ talked about her transformation from being a government enemy to becoming a government soldier.

‘Ka Juliet’ said that during one of the encounters with government troops, she was abandoned by comrades after a sustaining gunshot wound in the skirmish.

In the beginning, she did not take this against her comrades thinking this is part of the revolutionary doctrine, but that incident served as the catalyst that led her to question the ideology that she knew since entering the revolutionary movement.

Next, ‘Ka Juliet’ talked about the case of an NPA sub-leader named ‘Ka Jovel’ in the Quezon province who was executed by the NPAs for malversation of government money amounting to more than a million pesos.

‘Ka Juliet’ denied this and the said money was actually the fruits of the extortion activities of the NPA from politicians and local businessmen. In the internal investigation conducted by the NPA, it was found out that several high ranking NPA leaders were implicated in the disappearance of the money. To save the neck of his high ranking comrades, ‘Ka Jovel’ made the ultimate sacrifice and admitted the crime.

Another accusation made by ‘Ka Juliet’ against the NPA is the rape of women cadres perpetrated by male counterparts. Worse, the NPA hierarchy punishes rapist with rank demotion or transfer them to other NPA command. ‘Ka Juliet’ lamented civilian rapist will meet a different fate if brought to the NPAs ‘kangaroo court’.

Basically, these are the major sins of the NPA that made ‘Ka Juliet’ turned her back from the guerilla movement.

As of this writing, the video has gathered 476,000 views, 9.826 shares and 142 comments on Facebook.

You may watch the video now.

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