Watching Karen Davila’s facial expression going sour after Washington Sycip of SGV talks about the good things about Martial Law is priceless!

Karen Davila is notorious for being a biased TV anchor especially everything against the Marcoses, the Arroyos and the Dutertes.

In one of her TV episode, Davila had Washington Sycip, the eminent accountant behind the accounting firm Sycip, Gorres and Velayo and Co aka SGV and Co. as guest.

Davila explained to Washington Sycip that she will flash a photo and he will say something about the photo, the truth and how he feels about the person since he’d seen, met and know all them.

The first photo that flashed on the screen was former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Sycip started speaking and right off the bat, started describing Marcos as a very, very bright person. He passed the bar exam without even finishing law school.

Sycip recalled that his first contact with Marcos was when became President. Marcos had an executive secretary named Rafael Salas whom Sycip described also as a very bright person.

According to Sycip, Salas was asked to solve the rice problem. Salas called him up and told him he wanted to meet him to talk about the rice problem.

Sycip confessed he did not know much about rice except planting rice in a song.

So Sycip narrated bringing Cesar Virata to the meeting with Salas (Marcos executive secretary) who was the head of SGV’s consulting division, who always though he wanted to work closely with Los Banos agriculture school.

So Sycip and Virata went to talk with Marcos about the rice problem.

Davila asked his impression of Marcos and Sycip used the word “very bright and sincere” to describe Marcos.

Sycip said it was Salas who went down to fields to talk to the rice cooperatives and encouraged them to grow more rice.

At this juncture, Davila can’t help but ask if Sycip agree with Martial Law at any point, since the man witnessed it first hand.

You may now watch the video to see how Karen Davila’s face change upon hearing Sycip Washington talks about the good things about Martial Law below.


Source: Tiktok

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