“Weeeh. Ganern.” — High ranking AFP official on CPP decrying terrorist tag suppression of their democratic rights?

Weeeh. Ganern.”

This is the epic reaction of an AFP high ranking official on the CPP NPA decrying the “terrorist tag” of their organization as suppression of their democratic rights.

Army Colonel and Scout Ranger Harold Cabunoc took to Facebook to taunt the usual suspects like the NUPL, Karapatan and BAYAN MUNA to protest loudly and fight for the democratic rights of the communist terrorists.

But before he did that, Col. Harold Cabunoc mentioned the Digos Ma$$acre, Inop@ca@n M@$$acre and the burning of a church and civilian houses in Misamis Oriental and asked if these are their so-called democratic rights?

Netizens couldn’t agree more with Col. Cabunoc’s argument and they made sure their voices are heard by commenting on the thread.

One netizen compared CPP and democratic rights to oil: “CPP and democratic rights are like oil and water. they don’t agree with one another, and cannot be mixed into one homogeneous fluid.”

This netizen also echoed the sentiment of the above commenter.

This is the idea! Literally! Panu kayo nagkaron ng demoratic rights eh mga terorista kayo & Why claim for democratic rights eh mga komunista kayo!? This is why the security forces are putting an end to this menace! You are all a waste of space in our country!

Another netizen found it absurd that communist leaders are asking for their democratic rights. “Communist leaders seeking democratic rights is absurd . When you are in a communist state and you seek your rights you will be dead.”

This netizen laughed at the irony of the communist demanding democratic rights. “Communists are claiming for democratic rights. It’s like putting hot water in a halo halo. Ironic, isn’t it?”

Another netizen called this phenomenon an oxymoron.

“Communism and democracy cannot exist in the same sentence.

One is the absence of the other. Communists claiming for democratic rights is an oxymoron.

TERRORIST TAG AY "SUPPRESSION OF DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS" Sabi ng teroristang grupo, suppression of democratic rights daw…

Posted by Harold Cabunoc on Sunday, December 27, 2020

Source: Harold Cabunoc

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