Well-known writer on Leni Robredo re Laguna resort “outing” scandal: “Robredo popularized the culture of shamelessness”

After the Laguna resort “outing “scandal rocked the Robredo camp, the vice-president has been getting a lot of flak on social media.

Well-known writer and social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu joined netizens in condemning and making a mockery of Leni Robredo who was caught red-faced after photos showing her revisors and those from PET spending an overnight “outing” in a resort in Pansol Laguna made its way to social media.

In the Facebook post, Chu described the culture prevailing in Robredo’s camp as “kawalanghiyaan” or shamelessness.

She said “if this was in another country, Leni would have been forced to resign asap if she had any sense of decency.

Chu alluded the “Laguna outing” to the defendant taking the jury out for lunch. In a jury system, the defendant is even allowed to talk to members of jury.

In the US, a jury trial is a trial in which the jury, not the judge, decides whether the facts of the case have been proven or not. A jury is a group of people, usually chosen at random among adults in the community. Most juries contain six to 12 people, depending on the size of the case and whether it is a civil or criminal issue. [rotlaw.com]

Towards the end of the post, Chu could only ask in disbelief if Robredo has no shame or sense of decency after she was embroiled several times in different scandals like the “palit-ulo” and going around the UN telling lies, and the Coke truck claim etc.

Please read the full text below.


If Duterte popularized the culture of violence, Robredo and her ilk popularized the culture of shamelessness.

There’s no one word for her glaring lack of delicadeza, her kakapalan, her utter lack of scruples. If this happened in another country, Leni would be forced to give up her seat if she had any modicum of shame and decency in her.

It’s like the defendant treating the jury out for lunch. YOU ARENT EVEN ALLOWED TO TALK TO THE JURY AND LENI ROBREDO’S GROUP HAD A HOLIDAY WITH THEM.

HAVE YOU NO SHAME NOR DECENCY, MADAM VP? Paulit ulit. Going around the UN spreading lies. Being caught spreading misinformation. Claiming Coke trucks as her own. Yadda yadda yadda. And now this! Shameless, shameless! Culture of kawalanghiyaan!

Robredo and Marcos, the devil and the deep blue sea!

Toots Lavisores

“SHAME ON HER!!! a woman with no decency….”

Betelguese Pamplona

“Madam VP, has an art of no shame,no decency,no intergrity,no delicadeza.🔥
It’s not time for Pinoys to be played with these tactics.Most have intelligent minds.”

Mj Magquilat-Sadsad

“Sa ibang lugar nakakulong nga ang jury para wala ni sino o anong impluwensya ang makapasok at makaapekto ng desisyon nila.. pero si leni garapalan pang pinaparade na kachuchu nya mga judges! Kung di ba naman walanghiya ang tawag jan!”

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