Well-known writer says Duterte might have played a role in Gilas-Aussie brawl by giving Filipinos new sense of pride?

When Teddy Casino first floated the idea that President Duterte’s bad manners might have influenced Gilas players that led to the infamous brawl Aussie Boomers, many Duterte supporters can be heard howling in protest.

However, well-known writer and blogger Krizette Laureta Chu seems to have accepted the idea, less than 24 hours after Casino raised the idea.

On Facebook. Chu said under Duterte, “there may have been a sea change in our perspective as a people.”

When in the past, Filipinos would pull all the stops to show the renowned Filipino hospitality to foreign visitors, Chu said Duterte might have affected the Filipino psyche subconsciously, transforming Filipinos from subservient to being assertive.

In short, Duterte help Filipinos find their “yabang” or sense of pride in the community of nations.

Read the full text below.

You know what, maybe they’re right. Kasalanan din siguro ni Duterte ang basketball brawl between Australia and Pilipinas.

For many years, we were shy, we always gave way, we tried not to be a bother, we ducked between two talking people when other nationalities didnt, we deferred to the white man, we were always so hospitable and gracious. Five years ago, we would have made sure the Australians would bring home nothing but good memories of our food and women and friendly little brown brothers.

Tapos Duterte comes and says fuck you to everyone. Says fuck you to the powers that have held us on a leash for years. The US, EU, Australia even.

Brings back the Pilipino yabang. He shifted his preference from the West to the East. The axis of power, he changed in Asia. Minumura ang EU at US. Wala naman pala silang nagawa. Wala naman palang mawawala if you assert yourself. Wala naman palang kayang i sanction. Wala naman palang economic aid na binawi. Nadagdagan pa.

Under Duterte, there may have been a sea change in our perspective as a people.

Maybe subconsciously this affected us.

Maybe we stopped thinking other nationalities were better than us. Maybe nawala yung pa sweet natin. Yung pa subservient. Yung pwede doormat sa mga puti.

Maybe the Australians thought they could just strip away the stickers without asking their sponsors. Maybe they thought they could get away with trash talking and disrespecting people. Maybe they thought we were inferior.

And five years ago, maybe they would have been right. We would have let them strip the stickers kasi nakakahiya. Nakakahiya naman baka ma slide sila! Dapat wala silang ibang bukambibig but our world renowned hospitality! sige go lang.
Heck, we would have asked our players to apologize for getting offended eh normal lang naman ang trash talking.

Not anymore. Mayabang na tayo eh, feeling equal. Feeling pwede lumaban at ipaglaban ang sarili. Bastos na kung bastos, basta feeling tama. Yung ok fine, marami kaming OFWs nag tratrabaho dyan pero wag nyo kaming ma Terry Terry.

Kaya siguro may sense of being a Filipino si Terence basketball player at nasabihan tuloy kayong mag convert into Australian.

So maybe, Duterte’s critics are right. Maybe may kasalanan nga si Duterte bakit nagkagulo.

Did Krizette Chu’s sentiment resonates with her readers? Let us check the comments below.

Jeric Duran: “It’s time to have pride and stop being submissive to every country richer than ours…..We are Pinoys not monkeys….. fight on Gilas”

Ana Macas: “Tapos na un era ng pa tweetums..tapos na ung panahon na tumatawa lang tayo pag sinasabihang monkey sa sarili nating bayan. Mali na para sa iba, but boy oh boy I am very proud of #GilasPilipinas who fought off bunch of bullies!”

Dadi Tunying: “Filipino tayo, itaas natin ang ating dangal! Di porque maputi ang balat eh superior na sila. Bullshit kung hahayaan lang nating tratuhin na 3rd class human being.”

However, some refused to buy Krizette Chu’s assertion.

Francis Ong: “I respectfully disagree with you Krizette. I agree that the aussies deserved the slight beating and even more. But we should have served the revenge cold or made them lose. Not play into their dirty game.

Let me explain my view. The stickers were from corporate sponsors. It is not like it was a Phil symbol they removed. Since the stickers were from First Pacifc (PLDT), shouldn’t MVP and team management have handled it and not encourage the players and officials? We lose out with a rumble because we lose the chance to take revenge by winning and might even be sanctioned. We were also the hosts and whichever way it goes with a brawl like that, we lose face. Would have been better if we reported them for racism.”

Daniel Sanchez: “While the rest of the world are Applauding the Japanese fans for STILL cleaning the standa after their painful defeat in the World cup; ANO TAYO?? Our fans,COACHES were involved in punching, throwing chairs to the Aussies!!! World Class nga naman. Bravo! And you celebrate this too Ms. Krizette? #tambay”

Your thoughts?

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