What do Peter Lim, the Pajorinogs, Panfilo Lacson, and Kim Wong (Bangladesh Bank heist fame) have in common?

Well, what do the names in the title have in common? According to an undercover agent, the four individuals were in cahoots with the Chinese triad.

According to Rosebud, undercover agent of the NBI, Peter Lim, the Pajorinogs, Panfilo Lacson, and Kim Wong (Bangladesh Bank heist fame) were Chinese Triad’s men in the country.

In light of the Trillanes allegation against Paolo Duterte, being a Chinese Triad member, which the former said can be proven by the ‘dragon’ tattoo on Paolo’s body, netizens Eric Clark Su and Aries Cel dug up an old issue in relation to the Chinese triad.

Why this is relevant? Well, some of the personalities in 2001 are still the same names 16 years later.

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Lacson was implicated as one of the drug smuggling cohorts of the Triad back in 2001 along with Peter Lim and the Parojinogs (may God piss on their souls) by the star witness called – Rosebud.
You think smuggler Lacson suddenly turned over a new leaf when Duterte sat as President?
Lacson and Trillanes secret allies?
Via Aries Cel

Let’s go back to 2001 & discuss about the Triad.
Mary Ong a.k.a Rosebud, an undercover agent, testified in 2001 in a Senate Inquiry on the drug proliferation, smuggling, money laundering and sporadic killings done by the Triad in the Phils in close association with the Kuratong Baleleng.

Names of Peter Lim, the Pajorinogs, Panfilo Lacson, and Kim Wong (the Chinese casino operator who became the central figure of the $81M Bangladesh bank heist) were mentioned 16 years ago as part of the Triad. These names have relevance these days, right? Read on.
According to Rosebud’s testimonies, all major cities in the Phils which have their own airports and seaports have been targeted by the Mafia as transshipment point of entry for illegal drugs.

Kim Wong (again the RCBC scam guy) first appeared in August 2001 Senate Hearing to dispute Rosebud’s claims of his involvement of the drug trade and he swore he never used police pushers/buyers.

It is significant to mention that Mighty Corporation which was rumored to be into technical smuggling had Kim Wong under their employ. Coincidence? Not at all. Read further.

Mighty Corporation faced 3 tax evasion cases before DOJ totaling to P37.88 billion. PRRD ordered the arrest of Mighty owner, Alexander Wongchuking, for economic sabotage. Mighty offered P25 billion tax settlement which PRRD accepted to build and finance rehab centers.

Further, Rosebud claimed that Binondo Central Bank was an underground remittance company for drug couriers and it was into smuggling of US dollar notes out of the country. Although the bank dissolved in 1986, the operation never stopped.

Rosebud was no. 1 on the hit list for blowing the Triad’s cover and for disclosing their network in the Phils. Even the highly prominent PNP generals and colonels she branded as the local Mafia handling the drug traffic wanted her dead. This was 2001.

Fast forward to September 2017. Trillanes alluded that Pulong Duterte has a Dragon-like tattoo and thus, this makes Pulong a member of the Triad, as fed to him by a certain foreign Intel Group. Laughable!

Ang baba ng logic mo, Trillanes! You have over 60 consultants salaried by us and still you sound stupid. An Intel Group, local or foreign, is a government-attached agency which shares information on public and common interests to their official counterparts but never to a private individual and not even to a senator.

It is imperative, Trillanes, that you name your source during that Hearing! It is likewise forthcoming that you come-up with documentary evidences and sworn testimonies stating, among others, that Pulong Duterte is a member of the Triad detailing his illegal activities. But you have none to show. You were playing puff the magic dragon.

You are a noisy critic on the war on drugs. Your alliance with LP is not a secret either. Some of the names mentioned by Rosebud in 2001 have been identified as druglords in July 2016 by PRRD. Others are implicated in smuggling activities, jueteng, money laundering, tax evasion, to name a few.

The Triad generously finances elections to put politicians in power who are willing to look the other way while damaging Filipino lives. It has its own informal Intel Group to monitor the activities of its men in countries where they operate. My take on today’s Senate acrobatics? It is you, Trillanes, who has affiliations with the Triad.

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