When witty Malacanang Spox Roque meets a super slow media man in the press con…the internet have a good laugh!

The joke in social media is that many, not all, of our local reporters are either slow or just average intellectually.

In fairness to our local reporters, some of them were products of the country’s top universities and colleges like Jessica Soho from the University of the Philippines, Pia Ranada of the Ateneo de Manila University and Arnold Clavio from University of Santo Tomas.

However, you can’t blame the public for having an unflattering perception on our local reporters’ intellectual when you watch this video below.

Here’s what happened when a male reporter asked Spox Roque to comment on the statement made by Sen. Trillanes that the Malacanang spokesman “has just made the situation worse when he presented the fishermen from Masinloc, Zambales to the media. And Trillanes added that Roque has pawned his soul to the devil.”

The fast thinking Malacanang spokesman responded, “Well, sinisiguro ko sa taong bayan na hindi ko isasangla ang ang aking kaluluwa kay Senator Antonio Trillanes.”

The reporter who sounded slightly irritated, for failing to get the gist of Roque’s answer right away, reiterated what just said that, “you already pawned your soul to the devil.”

Roque repeated his response emphatically and said, “Kaya nga po, hindi ko isasangla ang aking kaluluawa kay Trillanes.”

Realizing that Roque had him, the reporter could only say, “Ah, ok”.

From the background, his colleagues can be heard laughing as soon as he said, “ah ok.”

How Spox Roque mentally ran rings around the local media man has keep social media laughing.

Mark Lopez, radio personality and social media blogger, remarked:

“Putres… ang husay na ng “burn” reply ni Spox Harry pero yung media man na nagtanong eh super slow…

Tapos sila pa arogante?!!!

Toinks! 😂” [Link here]

Junlor John Custodio: “Karamihan sa mga media slow.. 😂😂😂”

Ng Tolosa: “Patunay na wala nang kwenta ang mga nasa media natin ngayon. Ang layo Kay Stephen Sackur.”

ItsmeNadz Oiprac: “Buffering mode ang reporter…mhilig lng kz makisagap”

You may watch the video below now!

Roque reacts to Trillanes' statement

"Hinding-hindi ko po isasangla ang aking kaluluwa kay Senator Antonio Trillanes." Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque reacts to Trillanes' statement that he has sold his soul to the devil in this #ANCRecap.

Posted by ANC 24/7 on Sunday, June 17, 2018

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