What is the connection between the security guard who ran amok in Eton Centris and Trillanes calling Duterte a ‘tyrant’?

Do you remember the Eton Centris incident last June wherein a security guard ran amok because of a personal problem, then locked himself inside the security office? For details about the incident, you may scroll down below to watch the video.

Well, there is more to it that meets the eye as far as the Facebook Page “Leni Robredo Fashion Diary” is concerned.

The page dug up the Eton Centris incident in retaliation after Trillanes slammed President Duterte again on national TV calling him a tyrant and not a true leader.

Read the full text of the post below.

JUNE 21: May Security Guard na nag-amok at nagkulong sa Eton Centris. Lasing, tuliro dahil ang laki ng problema daw. May anak na may sakit at kailangan ng surgery. Buti na lang sinalo na ng PCSO nung malaman ang sitwasyon.

Sabi ng media (malamang 1 source lang galing) taga Grandiose Security Agency. Paanong naging taga Grandiose e Delta Mike Security Agency ni Trillanes o Magdalo ang may hawak ng Security sa Eton Centris? At meron ding nagsabi sa YT comment na taga Delta Mike yun. At may mga photos sa Facebook na Delta Mike ang security agency sa ETON.

Ang lakas ng apog pumuna ng leadership skills ni Duterte. Lakas ng apog magmalinis. Yung trabahador nila (kung Delta Mike nga) e nagkanda buang buang na sa kahirapan.

The page supports his or her argument by posting a series of screen captures to establish the fact that Delta Mike Security agency is the security provider of Eton Centris and not Grandiose Security Agency as reported in mainstream media.

Ironically, the Duterte government labeled by Trillanes as ‘tyrant’ took care of the medical needs of the sick child of the security guard while his employer, Trillanes did not even lift a finger. So who do you think is the tyrant now?

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Let us read the reaction of the netizens by reading the comments in the thread.

Gibsoniel Sarmiento remarked: “Trillanes can’t even handle his agency how much more when he handles the problem of our country. tsk tsk tsk! Such an irony!!!!”

Jona Jonathan commented: “Dapat ang headline: Trillanes associate faces multiple charges. Lam na this.”

Watch the video below for more details about the incident.

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