What Leni Robredo’s low Pulse Asia survey ratings means to this Manila Bulletin writer? Read!


First off the bat, that’s what Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu wants Robredo and the LP head next move in the wake of the poor showing of VP Leni Robredo in the latest Pulse Asia survey.

‘Can you imagine Sotto and Cayetano have a bigger trust rating than Leni Robredo?’ Chu asked.

Despite the fact that the Senate President and House Speaker do not have their own SONA every time President Duterte delivered his SONA and no televised speeches.

‘Kahit na wala naman silang SONA every time may SONA ang Presidente at hindi sila laging may televised speech.’

Chu said Robredo enjoys the support of mainstream media.

‘Mainstream media very rarely shares criticisms or bad news about Leni Robredo.’

Twitter is pro-Robredo and anti-Duterte.

‘On Twitter, the dominant voice is anti Duterte, pro Leni, and all they have are praises for her and insults for Duterte and Duterte supporters.’

With all that being said, President Duterte came out stronger than ever, even in midst of a raging pandemic.

‘And yet… 91 percent trust rating in the middle of a raging pandemic. Higher ratings than in ordinary times.’

Ms. Chu found it ridiculous after the VP camp blamed her bad ratings due to fake news.

‘And the VP camp says that the reason she has bad ratings is because of fake news? Fake news where?’

Ms Chu couldn’t help but ask if this was a sign the VP camp finally acknowledging that FB is superior to Twitter?

‘Are they finally acknowledging that FB is where its at?’

Simply put, Ms. Chu felt a sense of vindication for the FB bloggers like her who were insulted, looked down by Twitter influencers and pro-Robredo supporters but in the end, the latest survey results and before this show that FB is more credible than Twitter.

‘After years of insulting FB and saying pang mahirap lang ito kasi may free data at sa Twitter wala, tapos hindi naman daw kasing credible ang FB bloggersz. After years of painting a picture of stupid FB and smart intellectual Twitter.’

I was imagining Chu saying this with a smirk on her face.

‘They get, at best, a 50 percent rating. And that’s generous.’

Chu asked Robredo and LP what did Twitter and the biased media do for her and its candidate?

‘So what did Twitter and biased news agencies ever do for you and your candidate? Nada. Just a load of negativity without delivering results.’

At this juncture, Ms. Chu delivered a brief sermon addressed to Robredo, the LP head and the advertisers what to do next if ever they hope to reverse the trend in the survey ratings and save their brand respectively.

‘If I were LP’s head, I will fire all my ineffective paid propagandist bloggers, the team of Abi Valte and Edwin Lacierda, and all the PR people and those in media (I don’t know who) who are in their payroll.

If I am an advertiser I will not put my money in obviously anti Duterte platforms, because my brand might get hit. I mean, what brands still go to Rappler?

They don’t deliver results. Don’t keep them. Sayang sa pera. Pandemic.’

Ms. Chu ended the FB post by leaving an important moral lesson in the story.

‘People who aren’t very smart keep doing the same thing expecting different results.’

Your thoughts?

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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