Why did Atty. Rivera block a Duterte supporter from his FB & make a shout out to pro-Duterte lawyers?

Politics makes strange bedfellows so they say.

However the story I would like to share is the complete opposite.

In a Facebook post published recently by Atty. Bruce Rivera, the handsome and articulate lawyer supporter of President-elect Duterte made the announcement to his legion of follower that he decided to block somebody because he no longer found it healthy to have a discourse with the said individual.

The individual referred by Atty. Rivera is identified as Miyako Izabel, a Duterte supporter during the election campaign period but in a sudden twist of fate, have been speaking ill against President-elect Duterte lately.

To give you a backdrop of the beginning of the misunderstanding between fellow Duterte supporters, please refer to the screenshot below.

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Source: Juan Nationalist

Feeling pissed for blaming him for Mayor Duterte’s victory and the death of a Duterte supporter at the hands of an alleged vigilante group, Atty. Rivera finally decided to block a troll who has been a thorn to his chests lately.

Please read Atty. Rivera’s full post below:


I blocked Miyako on FB because it was no longer healthy trying to have a decent discourse with her. She was pro-Duterte who suddenly became anti-Duterte and worst, pro-Liberal Party/Mar/Grace. She said anybody but Binay and later on, anybody but Duterte. So I told myself, the motives are sinister.

First of all, to say “merese” to a person killed and who voted for Duterte speaks highly of the level of compassion of Miyako. So she deserved to die because she voted for Duterte? How can you even say this???

Second, lawyers who voted for Duterte are pro-Duterte but NOT pro-extrajudicial killing. How stupid do you think we are. How stupid do you think President Duterte is to espouse extra-judicial killings? Hindi po extra-judicial killing kung napatay ang isang druglord dahil nagkabarilan. And as for the killers of this poor soul, are we sure the so-called vigilantes are anti-drug or anti-Duterte? Because as far as I know, walang bitter sa amin enough to kill.

Miyako, I have forgotten you as per the good advise of Sass Rogando Sasot. Stop using my name and blaming me for Duterte’s victory because I am not the reason why he won. 16million (21million, if your side played fair) Filipinos are to blame. Sila ang awayin mo. Why blame the lawyers who voted for Duterte?

Naiinis ka ba na mga bobong boboto kay Duterte ay pumasa ng Bar? Eh di, mag-aral ka ng law at sigurado ako dahil MAS matalino ka, papasa ka din. Basta ako, may Roll of Attorney’s Number ako…51434.

What can you say about this post?

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera

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