“What makes DDS remain a DDS despite Duterte’s blatant incompetence is high pride?” DDS Noel Sarifa belies this!

A certain netizen named M.A. Buendia tweeted that what makes a DDS remain a DDS despite Duterte’s blatant incompetence is high pride. Check out the screengrab of the tweet below.

The tweet prompted DDS Noel Landero Sarifa, a known pro-Duterte blogger to respond to the absurd statement of M.A. Buendia.

On Facebook, Sarifa peppered Mr. Buendia with a series of questions to debunk his assertion that DDS remains DDS because of high pride.

Sarifa, in an emphatic tone, asked Buendia how can he say such a thing when the PH conducted one of the highest covid tests in Asia? When the government has provided financial aid to the poor? When the LGU who was tasked to distribute relief goods did not allow its constituents to starve? When the Philippines was the first to build covid19 facilities before our hospitals became overcrowded? When the government did not neglect their jobs by implementing quarantine protocols? When the country registered one of the lowest death rates out of the 130+ cases?

‘Paano mo masasabing incompetence kung isa tayo sa may pinakamaraming nang nacovid test sa Asia?’

‘Paano mo masasabing incompetence kung ang mga mahihirap ay nakinabang sa pera? Hindi lang isang beses, dalawang beses.’

‘Paano mo masasabing incompetence kung ang LGU naatasang magbigay ng relief goods, hindi hinayaang magutom ang taumbayan?’

‘Paano mo nasabing incompetence kung nauna pa tayong magpatayo ng covid19 facilities bago pa mag over crowded sa hospital?’

‘Incompetence bang hindi nagpabaya at nauna tayong magkaroon ng quarantine protocols and implementation?’

‘Incompetence ba na sa 130K nasa dalawang libo lang death casualties natin, ibig sabihin, alagang alaga ng mga frontliners natin ang mga na-oospital.’

Sarifa, apparently irritated, pressed on the attack and wanted Buendia to explain why put the blame on rise of covid cases to President Duterte? Did he gave the instruction to the people to continue enjoying their hobbies like cockfights? Enjoy alcoholic drinks with friends? Spend their financial aid for food in gambling? Sarifa asked why would Buendia blame President Duterte the culture that the dilawan encouraged in the last three decades?

‘Bakit mo isisi ang pagdami ng kaso sa Presidente? Sya ba ang nag-utos na magsabong kahit may quarantine? Sya ba ang nag utos na mag-inuman? Isugal ang perang pantutos sana sa pangkain? Bakit mo isisi sa kanya ang kulturang isiniksik ng mga dilawan sa taumbayan sa loob ng 3dekada? Walang disiplina, walang galang sa batas at sa nagpapatupad ng batas. Isisi mo din sa pangulo ang walang habas nilang pagkakalat ng virus kakarally kahit sinabi ng bawal?’

Sarifa ended the FB post by telling Mr. Buendia, that on a personal note, there was no ego and nothing to confess because from the very start, he saw how hardworking President has been. Sarifa said President Duterte has never abandoned his people.

‘No Mr. Buendia, walang ego at walang aamining naguyo, dahil simulat sapul nakikita naming nagtatrabaho ang pangulo. Hindi nya iniwan ang taumbayan.’

Sarifa ended the FB post by leaving Buendia something to think about.

‘It is so easy for you to criticize but there is no better man to lead this country at this time but Rodrigo Roa Duterte, ang ating presidente.’

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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