What say you Maynilad? Ex-engineer accuses former company of gut-wrenching anti-poor practices in viral FB post

An ex-Maynilad engineer just accused his former company of configuring water supply configurations that in the event of water crisis, subdivisions where the Oligarchs live are spared from the impact of water shortage.

“Hmm.. I am an ex-Maynilad engineer who worked in the water operations side of the business. Pero wala nako dun ngayon syempre ahhahahaa.”

The allegation has been published online by international relations graduate Sass Rogando Sasot on her Facebook page “For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot” on December 4, 2019.

The revelation by the netizen who introduced himself as a former Maynilad engineer has angered netizens who read it, eliciting angry remarks versus the water company and has been shared 8,200 plus and counting and reacted 16,000+ times.

The netizen revealed in the event of water crisis, drought, interruptions etc. all water supply configurations will be done just to avoid impacts to subdivisions like Ayala Alabang Village.

The ex-Maynilad engineer said he found it unfair that about 90% of the customers suffer of no pressure to no water situations while these rich people in their subdivisions are enjoying exclusive treatments.

According to him, this is in violation of the concession agreement (contract between government and Manila Water/Maynilad) which stipulates they are required to provide a minimum pressure of 7 psi (24/7) and 16 psi for most period. In some subdivisions, 16 psi is not enough and wants 50 psi of pressure on their household and since Maynilad is struggling with its operation, it will end up compromising other regions to cater for these oligarchs.

The ex-Maynilad engineer also revealed the rich residents of Ayala Alabang refused to get water from the Laguna Lake but from La Mesa Dam, which if you know your geography is very from from Ayala Alabang and to acquiesce to this request means re-configuring the water supply network. And if you say re-configuring, Maynilad have to spend money to make this happen. And do you know who pays for the VIP treatment? The poor consumers by reflecting the cost as tariff charges in your bill.

One big truth about these bullshit water concessionaires is that Ayala Alabang village is situated within the supply region of Putatan Water Treatment Plant which extracts water from Laguna Lake. However, the rich people of Ayala Alabang Village and the likes demanded MVP that they don’t want to have their supply from Putatan and demanded that the water supply should be in La Mesa dam. This has led to Maynilad re-configuring their supply network just to cater for these oligarchs. In the end, of all these VIP treatments, who pays all their requests??? Tayo. Us. Through Tariff charges.

In short, the general public is the one paying for all the VIP treatments that the so called VIPs are getting. O di ba.”

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Source: Sass Sasot

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