“What’s been happening to her is exclusively hers. Her innate $tupidity is a unique gift” — Netizen on Robredo’s remark on VP Duterte?

On rumor that President Duterte will run for Vice President in the 2022 election, Leni Robredo said she hopes President Duterte will have a different experience from her as VP.

Speaking of which, Sass Rogado Sasot, an international relations expert and Robredo critic could only say, “Drama uy” to Robredo’s remark.

Sasot’s retort to Robredo’s comment made her socmed followers very amused. In fact, of the 15,973+ reactors, 15,000 of which hit the laugh emoji.

Here are the emphatic comments of netizens in reaction to Robredo’s remark for Duterte winning the VP should he run.

“He won’t. His experiences, if he shall be elected, will be greatly different from yours. For one probable example, he will actually work,” wrote a netizen.

To which another netizen also agreed with the above commenter. “Surely Not, Madam. He is very different from you because he will support the admin and the government that he is working for. As what he is always saying, he is just a government worker, so he will just work, work and work for the people because that is his characteristic.”

“What’s been happening to her is exclusively hers. Her innate stupidity is a unique gift,” added another.

This netizen told Robredo not to worry about PRRD: “Don’t worry Leni, if Digong gets elected as VP he’ll do a proper job as mandated by the law, with common sense and genuine public service not like you who made a mockery of what the role entails – puro paganda sa media while spewing sh!t all over the place. That’s why people treated you like sh!t as well…”

This netizen was brutally honest. “omg…she forgot one very very very important difference between herself and Duterte…..the latter HAS A BRAIN….and SHE HAS NONE! Juskolord…..”

“It’s not gonna happen Madumb. PRRD is smart and will not open his mouth without sense he will just work and work and no talk, no media ,not like you,” a netizen Robredo that PRRD will have a different trajectory or experience than her because PRRD is smart.

“Don’t compare your ability madumb to prrd well experience and have a brilliant mind…” chimed in another netizen.


Source: For the Motherland

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