When actor Jason Abalos attempted to sound smart by talking about the stupidity of taxing P1K monetary gift but ended up looking stupid?

“ANG GUAPO MO, JASON!” This is the sarcastic remark of US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora in response to Jason Abalos simplistic but wrong understanding of how monetary gifts are taxed by the government.

According to Abalos, if his father, a salary earner and taxpayer (income tax) rewarded him P1000 from his savings for earning a medal in school for academic performance, he asked if he would still pay tax? Of course, he answered in the negative and said he would rather spend it on drinks (alc0h0lic beverage) and enjoy it with friends.

Abalos’ ignorant interpretation of taxation of monetary gift spurred Jamora into action and without hesitation, offered Abalos free taxation 101, particularly on the part where he got it wrong.

Jamora began by giving Abalos a familiarization tour of the common terms related to the unfamiliar territory he just walked into.

“Kung binigyan ka ng Tatay mo ng P1,000, an tawag dyan ay gift at ang rules dyan ay covered ng tinatawag na donor’s tax.”

“So, how much is gift tax in the Philippines?” Jamora asked.

Jamora was kind enough to explain to Abalos how the government imposes tax on monetary gifts.

“Ganito lang Jason. A flat rate of six percent is imposed on total gifts in excess of PHP250,000 regardless of relationship to the donor.”

“In excess, Jason. In excess. Gets mo? Ang sobra lang sa P250,000. P1,000 yan Jason, wag tanga!” Jamora stressed a word for emphasis and hopefully make Abalos remember the lecture and refrain from opening his mouth in the future and make himself the laughing stock on socmed.


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Here’s what happened to Jason Abalos at the hands of the Edwin Jamora’s taxation-literate followers.

“Why do most of us Filipinos always think that running a country is as easy as running your own family?” asked an intelligent netizen.

“Nagsimula lang ang Pandemic…. Naglabasan mga Artistang BOBO… suskopo… Pine-FLEX pa talaga” stated another netizen.

“Ang gwapo niya pero mag aral muna ng taxation 101 sa yo MNR Edwin Jamora😂😂 suggested another.

Geez. . .Bago kasi magbitaw ng yabang, bilangin muna decimal points,” joked another.

“Pogi lang pero tanga rin. Kaya wala ako amor sa karamihan ng mga artistang pumuputak about social and political issues. Kasi puro sila porma pero walang laman,” lamented a netizen.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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