When Duterte said ‘terrorism in PH is funded by drugs’, critics rolled eyes. Today, 11 kls of shabu seized from Maute, what say you critics?

When President Duterte said on national TV that terrorism in the country is funded by drug money, critics mocked and jeered, accusing him of not thinking straight.

Netizen F Jordan Carnice disagrees with Duterte :“Lahat nalang ba tungkol sa drugs? Now, I just can’t wait for Duterte to reveal that his election campaign was also funded by drug money. That would be an interesting twist.”

Pete Refuerzo wrote: “kapag ang namumuno sa isang bansa ay baliw marami ang nahahawa or mga nababaliw na mga tao… kagaya ng nabaliw na nag amok sa resort word … nahawa sa kabaliwan… ang mga supporters mga baliw na baliw …hawa hawa daig pa ang virus na nakakahawa..”

But watch this.

The AFP just called a press conference announcing the recovery of shabu, allegedly from the Maute militants in Marawi.

According to AFP spokesperson Brig. General Restituto Padilla, 11 kilos of shabu were recovered from the hideout of the Maute militants in Marawi.

Padilla said it’s not far-fetched that the militants use illegal drugs to stay awake at night and not get tired.

Meanwhile, the military have been conducting clearing operations to flush out the militants. He added the militants retain control of 4 barangays.

Credits to VOVph

Previously, the police discovered 10 sacks of illegal drugs from the Cagayan de Oro house of former Marawi City mayor Fahad Pre Salic during a police raid.

It can be recalled that Salic has been tagged as the political backer and financier of the Maute militants.

He was arrested on June 8 on board his vehicle at a military check point in Barangay San Martin in Villanueva town at 7:30 p.m..

He is facing charges for violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2000 and Article 134 (rebellion) of RA 6968. [NDBC News]

In light of this, La Salle Professor Antonio Contreras couldn’t help but comment in reaction to the arrest of Salic and the confiscation of illegals drugs in his residence.

“The link between drugs and terrorism is now getting clearer. This is a game changer.”

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