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When former PNoy’s Solgen tweets he can’t wait for Leni to be No. 1, social media asks, “what’s Leni and LP cooking?”

Leni Robredo

Leni Robredo

Loose cannon sinks ships. >

Former President Aquino’s Solicitor General Florin Hilbay tweeted recently that he can’t wait for Leni (Robredo) to be No.1, accompanied by the VP “standing in the rain” photo.

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Can’t blame social media for starting to ask the question: “what’s Leni and LP cooking?”

The ever outspoken lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles and one of the most combative social media supporter of President Duterte couldn’t help, but ask the same question to Hilbay and Leni’s camp on social media.

For the fun of it, Angeles posed a couple of questions to her readers on Facebook for starters.

“When Hilbay says that he can’t wait for Leni to be No. 1 — and here we assume that he wants her to be president, and is not referring to rumors about her relationships — is he saying that there is a chance for her to assume the presidency?

Given that the position of president is currently occupied, the next logical step is to ask Hilbay, are you involved in any plot to unseat or remove the president? In which case, intel agencies should be monitoring you for possible sedition.

Is Hilbay involved in some plot for revolution, to raise arms against a duly constituted government? In which case, we just wait for him to propose this and then send him to jail.

Or is he just praying for the president to be physically incapacitated? In which case that makes him one sick puppy.

Or is all this in aid of letting his partymates know that he is available to run for senator because he certainly is mastering the art of making sipsip.”

Let’s head to the comment section and see how netizens respond.

Milzky Bay: “At the very least, hilbay might be aware of the ouster plot, if at all there’s any, that is being gradually and systematically executed to effectively remove digung from malacanang…”

Rommel D. Racimo: “all of the above”

Maria Rosalie: “Let’s face it: there’s a great chance that the opposition is plotting something. They are in desperate need for power. Even sacrificing a lamb ( just like Ninoy). Everyone need to be in high alert to protect the president. God bless Duterte’.”

Dennis Delacruz: “ALL the obeservations are correct and no one can discount the possibility of intelegence monitoring an staunched supporter of liberal party specifically Leni in the person Hilbay because of his statement or say slipped of his tongue! You better be carefull former AQUINO’s Solicitor General!”

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