While mainstream media wants us to believe Kian was a good boy, his neighbors claimed he was a indeed a known drug runner

While the mainstream media has been painting Kian de Leon as an innocent victim of blood thirsty cops based on ABS-CBN’s interview of Kian’s neighbors.

However, the comments on social media from people claiming to be Kian’s neighbor in Caloocan say he was a known drug courier or a runner in street lingo.

You may watch ABS-CBN’s video reporting Kian’s death and the accounts of witnesses who claimed to have witnessed the murder.

Social media blogger Rocky Gutierrez took to Facebook giving the other version of the Kian murder story as told by Kian’s neighbors who knew the kid.

Gutierrez called for sobriety in the midst of the police scandal while investigation is on going to ferret out the truth.

But, he believes punishing the bad cops and supporting the good cops is a must for Duterte’s war on drugs to succeed.


From the moment mainstream media started using #Kian as a rallying point to attack Duterte and the drug war, it all became suspicious. Everyone went crazy on social media asking for everything from preemptive presidential admonitions against possible police brutality to pushing for curfews and even questioning the education laws. But are any of these actions a commensurate response to the situation? Let us begin by summarizing what we know thus far.

1) All the information that has been released and is the sole basis for all this furor comes from mainstream media. It is only their editorialized account of what was in the cctv footage and based on their selection of witnesses. In all the months, since the time of the presidential campaigns, have we not learned that mainstream media is unreliable and unfair in its portrayal of issues involving Duterte, his policies and any issue even remotely connected to him?

2) SocMed is wonderfully helpful and engaging. Witness accounts that contradict the ones on mainstream media are now coming forward. The boy may not be how his parents and the LP make him out to be, an innocent victim of police brutality. The boy may have been a drug runner and in fact one of the targets of the pokice operation. Again, when family and friends of drug war victims and the LP share the same narrative, have we not learned that there is an extremely high probability of irregularity in the story?
3) The CCTV footage, albeit unclear, seems to show that either the boy being carried in the video is not Kian OR that the men carrying Kian are not plainclothes policemen. Why? It would seem that the clothes on Kian when his body was found do NOT match those of the boy in the video.

4) I have seen on both RG San Luis’ and fiscal Darwin CaƱete’s wall an image of Kian’s body with what looks to be drug packet impressions which would immediately disprove any allegation that drugs were planted on him by errant cops. Some say that those may be caused by mauling or stretch marks or even garter marks. On this issue, I defer to the experience and wisdom of fiscal Darwin’s appraisal. He is in a better position to comment since he has a firsthand account and he deals with these types of matters and facts daily.

5) Here is where the story turns from suspicious to bizarre to absurd. Mainstream media witnesses claim they heard police drag, beat and kill Kian. BUT, the timings do not add up. As Drench Paradise noted, the CCTV footage was at 8pm but Kian died at 11pm which would mean that the police would have had to have been dragging and beating Kian for 3 hours before they killed him. This makes the witnesses’ claims unlikely.

Now, this is why from the start of this issue I keep asking all the people for sobriety. Let us wait for investigations to even have a partial result before making suggestions that would undermine either the police or the drug war.

Let us be honest. The drug war and the police that are fighting in it are walking a fine line daily between being for it or against it. It only takes the smallest measure of additional physical, psychological, financial and social pressure to turn a good cop bad.

This is why it is imperative to support the police and military every time we can. BUT in issues where they MIGHT be at fault, it is important to to search for the truth first and act with sobriety. For once we push a good cop to go bad with undue and unfounded hate and pressure, we ultimately become the losers.

And, when push gets to shove as it often does, I unequivocally choose to be on the side that is fighting drugs. Fortunately, this just happens to be on the side of Duterte.

I proudly remain pro-Duterte and pro-drug war.

Check out the screen captures of the comments of netizens contradictory to the narrative of the incident by the mainstream media.

Take not of the comment of Fiscal Darwin Canete to respond to allegation shabu found in Kian’s body was planted.

Netizen asked this important question to cast doubt on the ‘bugbogan’ allegation by witnesses interviewed by ABS-CBN.

Here’s another netizen who introduced himself as Kian’s neighbor.

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Source: Rocky Gonzales

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