Who is afraid of Martial Law anyway? Jose Alejandrino elucidates!

“Who is afraid of Martial Law?” This is the question posed by a former UNESCO department chief, to start article his posted on Facebook.

Jose Alejandrino, a prolific social media blogger who specializes in topics on Philippine politics, wrote an article elucidating his position why he fully supports Duterte’s version of Martial Law.

Alejandrino said that he is not afraid of martial law because he intends to remain a law-abiding citizen. He sees martial law as a means of protecting him and his family from harm by evil doers.

Read the post below.

By: Jose Alejandrino

Those guilty of heinous crimes like the plunderers, druglords, terrorists, are afraid of martial law.
Why? Because they’ll be brought to a swift trial, and, if convicted, hanged. That is why Congress, which has been called a den of thieves, wanted to limit the death penalty.

I’m not afraid of martial law because I intend to remain a law-abiding citizen. I see martial law as a means of protecting me and my family from harm by evil doers.

Those against martial law talk of the death of democracy, of abuses committed by Marcos.

Democracy? It has never existed in our country. This is the usual crap brandished by oligarchs to continue to perpetuate rule by a few. It is a bogus argument.

Abuses? Today we have a highly professional military aware of their responsibilities. They showed it in Marawi by giving priority to the safety of civilians. I trust the AFP. This being said, the possibility of a few scalawags existing cannot be discounted. I’m more worried by scalawags in the bureaucracy. They must be weeded out and punished. Martial law will facilitate that. Netizens must remain on guard and expose them.

We have millions of OFWs abroad. The overwhelming majority abide by the law. Why? Because of the severity of punishment. Go to Saudi Arabia where crime is practically non-existent. Go to the Gulf States. In Dubai where I was not long ago, I could leave my watch and wallet at a table while swimming in the pool and nobody touched them. Of course there may be exceptions but the exceptions are few. I’m talking in general.

This is the kind of law and order we need in the Philippines. At my school in England, we were taught discipline. If we misbehaved, we were whipped. Military training and compulsory sports reinforced and built our character. When I was in college in the US, students were smoking ‘weed’ which were marijuana sticks. Because of discipline and character instilled in England, I refused even to try them.

Here at home we are infected by excessive liberalism to the point where liberals like Leni Robredo favor the legalization and decriminalization of drug use. In a country where we already have 4 million addicts walking like zombies? What idiocy!

Our soldiers and police are dying fighting terrorists. Liberals like Risa Hontiveros and Edcel Lagman want the Supreme Court to strike down martial law on the ground there is no rebellion or invasion. Where did these liberals come from? Lalaland? It is idiots like them that precisely prove we need martial law. So they can be locked up in a mental asylum. Already we have other insanes roaming Congress like Antonio Trillanes and Gary Alejano. It makes one wonder whether we need a Congress.

There are other institutions full of insanes. Chito Gascon of CHR is a fine example. All that is needed to put an icing on the cake is the Supreme Court. Wait for its decision. Then we’ll find out who are the insane there.

In addition to the corrupt, druglords, terrorists and zombies, we have the problem of the insane. How do we protect ourselves from this scourge except by martial law?

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