Who says DDS is scared of CNN’s Christiane Amanpour-Maria Ressa alliance versus PRRD? This DDS social media influencer isn’t. Find out why!

Before the advent of social media like Facebook and Twitter, journalists feed the public lies and half-truths without fear, knowing they can get away with it.

Imagine when social media is non-existent in 2019 and the highly influential Christiane Amanpour of CNN tells President Duterte to release Maria Ressa ASAP because her arrest is an attack on press freedom, in the absence of alternative source of news from social media, who do you think the public will side?

But this is 2019 and social media has been around now, giving the public an alternative source of news.

That is why, Krizette Laureta Chu, a social media influencer, Manila Bulletin lifestyle writer and a staunch defender of PPRD said that she isn’t alarmed or concerned much about the backlash abroad that a Christiane Amanpour of CNN’s statement on Maria Ressa’s arrest to PRRD may bring. Why?

That’s for you to find by continue reading below.

I’m no longer worried about public perception of the President abroad. Social media is the great equalizer, and Christiane Amanpour’s statement supporting Ressa is now less important than the passionate, spit-flying, fist thumping, duro-duro, empathetic explanation of your neighborhood Pinoy nurse, cook, engineer, seaman, and any of the millions of OFWs who support this administration all over the world.

Truth: New York Times has fewer views and engagement than your usual blog here in the PH. The US has its own mess to take care of. Maria Ressa is a liar and a known violator of the Constitution, and she’s backed by Omidyar Network–she’s hardly the David in this scenario.

The rubicon has been crossed many many months or situations ago. The people have spoken, and they have decided. Duterte and his reputation is made of titanium. To be honest kahit may mangyari pang Ninoy scenario that, if they are desperate enough to do to one of their own, they still won’t get support.

Asan na ang malawakang rally for Ressa? WALA. That should tell you the only thing you need to know in this country defined by its “revolutions.”

Your thoughts?

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