Who started this stupidity anyway? – TraveLife publisher asks re Google Trends-inspired meme predicting Leni Robredo’s victory in 2022 polls

A meme being passed around on Twitter by Kakampinks saying Google Trends predicted Leni Robredo’s victory over consistent survey leader BBM has been met with laughter by BBM supporters, including TraveLife Magazine punlisher Christine Cunanan.

I did a quick search on Twitter and even known performing artist like Audie Gemora falls for this PR stunt.

Cunanan found it ludicrous that the Kakampink supporters would be so stupid to think that Leni Robredo making it to Google Trends top searches is an indicator of her victory in the forthcoming presidential election.

Cunanan argued that if she google Leni Robredo 1000 times, looking for newest bloopers just for laughs does not mean she is voting Leni Robredo in the election. Cunanan claimed she knew a lot of people who have done the same.

Cunanan ended the brief FB post taking a swipe at the Kakampinks for trusting Google trends but not the surveys. She asked who started such stupidity to wrap up her post.

You may read Christine Cunanan’s original FB post now.

Oh my goodness. Really? For example, I’ve probably googled Leni Robredo 1000 times, looking for her newest bloopers just for laughs. I know a lot of people who’ve done the same. Are we included in this so-called @Google Trends”?

PS: Bilib na bilib kayo sa Google trends but hindi sa mga surveys? 🤷‍♀️Who started this stupidity anyway?

Here are some of the comments from netizens to Kakampinks thinking Google Trends can predict Leni’s victory.

Netizen #1 commented that freelancers like her who makes a living using Google Trends are laughing at Kakampinks believing Google Trends is a predictor of Leni’s victory.

Freelancers like us and digital marketers who use Google Trends, SEO and keyword rankings are so laughing right now. Hayaan na natin kase nga sa science-based surveys, gumagapang pa sila sa milya-milyang hahabulin. 😂#DreamOn 20ish days left til reality slaps you in the face. 😂

Netizen #2 commented that Google already issued a clarification regarding Google Trends and that it is not a substitute for polling data. Meaning? Search interest does not reflect voter intention.

As far back as February, Google already said: “Google Trends is not a substitute for polling data. Search interest has no bearing on voter intention – Google users may search for a party or politician for any number of reasons, without intending to vote for them.” Christine, I really don’t know what good it does when the only one they are fooling are themselves. 😊😂🤣


Source: Christine Cunanan

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