Who’s telling the truth? Reuters or Leni Robredo? Lawyer posts screenshot photos of Reuters article to help netizens decide if Leni Robredo lied or not!

In case you missed it, Leni Robredo insisted she never said “it’s time for Duterte to halt dr^g w@r because it was a failure” during the Reuters interview.

Of course, Reuters stood by it’s story and even issued statement to rebut Leni Robredo’s denial statement.

So the question now is who’s telling the truth?

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles has taken to Facebook to help netizens decide who between them was telling the truth.

Angeles’ verdict?

In fairness to Angeles, she did not categorically said Leni Robredo lied but judging by the tone of her writing, it was palpable she was arguing in favor of Reuters.

Angeles posted the screenshot photos of the Reuters article as proof in arguing for Reuters case.

You may read Trixie Cruz-Angeles original article below.

Kung matatandaan natin, iniinterview po ng Reuters si Madame Leni, nang banggitin niyang di dapat ituloy ang drug war ni Duterte. Nasa mga pictures dito ang article na binase sa interview ni Mrs. Robredo.

Dahil dito, inulan siya ng batikos. Kung kaya’t bumawi siya sa radio program niya by saying:

“It’s hard… because headlines are sending another message. For example, I saw headlines that claim I called the drug war a failure so it should be stopped.

“If you review the interview, I said something else. If you look at it, what I said what the government should assess if the counternarcotics strategy being used is still right. Because it isn’t, it should be tweaked. Isn’t that to ‘tweak’ means to massage, to shift it a bit.” (Source: http://www.interaksyon.com/…/leni-robredo-drug-war-stop-co…/)

In turn sinasabi ng Reuters (third picture) na pinaninidigan nila ang kanilang article at conclusion na sinabi talaga ni Mrs. Robredo na dapat abandonahin o itigil ang war on drugs.

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