Who’s to blame for Robredo’s humiliation in the Vin d’honneur fiasco? La Salle prof has the answer

The news that Leni Robredo was not invited to the bi-annual Vin d’honneur hosted by Malacanang for foreign diplomats has stirred a controversy lately.

Controversial in the sense that Robredo has earned the distinction as the first vice-president of suffering the humiliation of being invited and disinvited to the Vin d’honneur event.

Robredo eat humble pie after leaking the Vin d’honneur snub to the media, putting the sympathy card in play but the public refused to bite the bait.

But who’s to blame for Robredo’s humiliation in the Vin d’honneur fiasco? La Salle prof has the answer.

According to Political Scientist Antonio Contreras, the humiliating incident could have been avoided had the staffs of Robredo simply shrugged off the incident. But they did not.

Thinking they could regain some of the glitter for Robredo after the #LeniLeaks brouhaha exploded on their faces, the backlash generated by Robredo’s US Christmas vacation when Bicol was ravaged by a super typhoon, the OVP leaked the Malacanang snub to the mainstream media hoping to get the desired result.

Unfortunately, the sympathy card did not work this time, said Political Scientist and La Salle professor Antonio Contreras.

Contreras laid the blame on the office of the vice president

Contreras said nobody knew Vin d’honneur snub except Leni’s staff.

In a Facebook post. Contreras writes:

Nobody knew that she was invited and later disinvited except her staff.

You humiliated Leni Robredo when you revealed to the public such incident.

You did not want her to save face. You want to use it to attack the President hoping it will generate sympathy for her. Well sad to say it didn’t.

According to a GMA News article, Robredo received the invitation letter on December 28, via email but was withdrawn a week later.

Georgina Hernandez, Robredo spokeswoman told GMA News that on January 4, Malacanang called OVP informing that the invitation was taken back.

“On January 4, Malacañang called the Office to retract the invitation, stating that the guest list was limited,” Hernandez said.

A netizen found the timing of the reaction in regard to the vin d’honneur snub suspicious.

Mitch Mojica-Quimpo wrote: January 4 pa nila alam hindi invited ang vp pero ngayon lang nag ingay para pagtakpan ang #lenieleaks issue

The Vin d’honneur is a traditional twice a year event hosted by the President for foreign diplomats.

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