Why BBM? Anti-Marcos Manila Bulletin writer cites 8 compelling reasons why BBM is her President

Fact: Leni Robredo has been endorsed from various groups like Doctors for Leni etc.

Fact: BBM isn’t endorsed by various groups similar to Leni Robredo has been getting.

Fact: BBM is leading by wide margin in all poll surveys except those conducted by unknown poll firms that surfaced lately.

However, the sweetest endorsement for BBM, IMO, is an endorsement from anti-Marcoses like the endorsement BBM receives from a very well-known pro-Duterte but anti-Marcos social media influencer named Krizette Laureta Chu of the Manila Bulletin.

In a Facebook post that is trending now, Ms. Chu cited 8 reasons why she is voting BBM despite experiencing stabbing in her chest knowing she is voting for someone she is very against until late in the campaign period.

Number 1 on Ms. Chu’s list why she is voting BBM because among all presidential hopefuls, he is the only one who promised to continue Duterte’s big ticket projects + NTF-ELCAC. Chu said that BBM’s commitment to continue NTF-ELCAC is the biggest reason for any anti-Marcos with a functioning brain.

Chu ended the FB post by reiterating that her most delicious pleasure is to let a Marcos oust, she means succeeds, a Duterte. Not Leni and company whom she said has been scheming to “OUST DUTERTE” in the last 6 years.

As of this writing, Chu’s FB post has generated 20,000+ reactions, 1,400 comments and 3,300 shares in just 2 hours and counting.

You may continue reading Ms. Chu’s 7 other reasons below why BBM despite she is a hardcore anti-Marcos.


Reasons why anti Marcoses will vote Marcos this election despite the stabbing pain in their chests:

1. He is the only one among all the candidates who promised to continue Duterte’s big ticket projects + NTF ELCAC—which is the biggest reason for any anti Marcos with a functioning brain. The runner up—Leni Robredo—doesn’t even understand what ELCAC is and so keeps changing her mind about supporting it. Gross.

2. He is the only one who is aligned with the Dutertes (Sara, and her two brothers) and is assumed to protect the President, after 6 years of PRRD’s controversial and aggressive drug war and anti-terrorist efforts. It is an unspoken agreement, you continue to honor this and we will continue to honor our commitment to support.

3. He is the only one who showed respect to the old man. Leni, Isko, Ping, and Manny all attacked PRRD to further their career. It is still one of his wisest decisions so far to be the only candidate seen as pro Duterte government. That easily captured a very big market.

4. Sara Duterte’s endorsement

5. Despite being goaded by PRRD to reply to subtle attacks, he never took the bait. Shows restraint, respect, diplomasya. He knows what’s good for him. It will serve him well, a marked difference from Leni’s anti China rhetoric and stupid knee jerk reactions to any complicated issue she doesn’t even understand.

6. Leni is the worst Presidential candidate to ever walk the earth. Many of her supporters are the most toxic human beings to pollute this planet. Isama mo na yung balloons nila. A vote for BBM is a revenge vote against this toxic group from humanity’s most toxic political camp.

7. We may not like his past, and his baggage, but the future is another thing. Some of us agree with his plans on the environment, on agriculture, on technology’s role in government.

We will continue to ask for accountability and never forget, and make sure that agencies in pursuit of Marcos wealth are not abolished, and that we continue to pay reparation to victims of Martial Law, but we also need to move towards a future.

8. Leni pretends to be independent, but her Cabinet will be the Yellows—because who else does she know? Her campaign manager is Yellow, her Senators are Yellow. Who wants a return of the Yellow government? BBM can no longer tap his father’s cronies—they’re all dead or have been reduced to normal citizens after their exile—so he’ll probably work with some of the Duterte government best people. And that’s good.

We will cross the bridge on BBM’s other issues after the elections. Not now. Now we need a strategic vote.

We will be the biggest critics when needed, and biggest supporters when deserved. We will be the middle ground between the rabid critics and the rabid supporters.

For 6 years Leni and her minions called to “OUST DUTERTE,” it is our most delicious pleasure to give them the biggest middle finger by letting a Marcos oust Duterte. Ginusto nyo yan.



Source: Krizette Chu

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