Why do the Communists like the peace process? Former military official tells the public why!

In case you missed the news, President Rodrigo Duterte announced the cancellation of peace talks with Joma Sison’s CPP-NPA-NDF after its guerilla wing ambush a police patrol killing 7 policemen.

The NPA attack came after Duterte’s request for extension of Martial Law in Mindanao was granted by Congress.

In a fit of anger, Duterte promised the communist war after the Marawi conflict has been taken care of.

However, leftist militants identified with the CPP-NPA demanded Duterte to resume the peace talks during the meeting after Duterte delivered his 2nd SONA.

To ordinary citizens, the NPA’s ambiguity towards peace talks sound puzzling.

But former military rebel and military officer Abe Purugganan explains why the communist loves the peace talks via a Facebook post and cited several reasons behind the communist romance with peace process.

Read the post below now.


1- It gives them local and international recognition. The engagement of government with the cpp/ndf grants them de facto belligerent status. It also increases their clout or coercive power over their victims, including those in the business sector and foreign corporations in areas where they operate.

2- They have the luxury to strengthen their organization.

3- Gives them the opportunity to uplift the morale of their members.

4- Gives them an excellent opportunity to propagandize.

5- Gives them the opportunity to seek the release of captured comrades.

6 – Gives them the opportunity to exploit government resources and taxpayers money, aside from the annual congressional budget and the ₱540 million pork barrel fund allocated to communist party list representatives.

7- Gives them the opportunity and time to rest and visit their families.

8- The peace process is a necessary mechanism for ‘business continuity’.

What else?

To which netizens agree.

MJ Delos Santos remarked: “It is because while doing peace talks, they are actually preparing for war, and when they sense being beaten, they sue for peace….but now, no more negotiations to them..”

Michael Tomelden commented: “It buys them time to purchase and replace guns, purchase ammunition, purchase food and medical supplies then its back to extortion and terrorism.”

Audrey Kirsten wrote: “Lucrative business! Kung talagang matalino mga pinoy na nakaupo sa congress at senado, matagal na sila dpat nalipol ng gobyerno. Mas matalino pa mga rebelde hanggang nag eexist pa sila at ginigipit ang mga lehitimong negosynte at taxpayers.”

Do you agree with Abe’s post?

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