“WHY SARA IS THE ONLY CHOICE” — San Beda College of Law classmate & friend makes strong case for Davao City Mayor

“WHY SARA IS THE ONLY CHOICE” This is the question posed by Atty. Bruce Rivera, TV5 radio host, former San Beda College of Law professor and College of Law classmate/friend of Mayor Sara Duterte in his Facebook post recently.

Atty. Rivera did not even make an effort to create a suspense and said that Sara is miles above the rest compared to all presidential aspirants in the 2022 elections and that he will bet his balls on it.

Atty. Rivera went on to enumerate 5 reasons to support his assertion why Sara is the ONLY choice hence he is putting all his eggs in Sara Duterte’s basket in the 2022 election for president.

You may read his reasons below and feel free to leave your comment below and let us know which do you agree or disagree.

1. Her executive experience in Davao City prepared her for the presidency. She never ran for Senator even if she could easily win it because she told me her strength is running a city. And it prepared her well.

2. Even if her father was president, she never abused it. She remained in her lane, she seldom shared the spotlight, she never sought out the media mileage, and you never saw her flex her influence unless provoked by others. In fact, Sara never apologized for PRD. I remember her say, I told you PRD is a lawyer who talks like a thug and yet, you elected him. In short, she did not crave the trappings of a first daughter because she stood on her own merit.

3. She is a formidable force who only showed it when it mattered. The house coup that made GMA rise like a phoenix is testament to that. The 2019 elections cemented her influence. PRD enjoyed 85% approval so the PDP had no real opposition. Otso Direcho went directly to the toilet. It was Sara’s HNP who served as the real opposition. And as it turns out, the HNP won more Senate seats than the PDP. Proof of the Sara magic.

4. If PRD is endearing to the people because of his relatability and empathy, Sara commands the same endearment but in contrast to her father. She commands attention and maintained her mystery as she kept her distance, people still love just the same. And Inday does not force you to like her. She will never smother you with publicity, she will never doll up to pander to stereotype and even if she has classical looks, she is not the one who wants to draw attention. In short, hindi siya epal at trapo. She can use her status to highlight her accomplishments but you never saw her brag. You never saw her criticize someone unless they criticized her first. She never spoke ill of those who spoke ill of her father. And she never put her friends to positions of power.

5. She is not only a lawyer but someone who manages to run a city, have a happy family and stay grounded despite all the stress.

Atty. Rivera ended the FB post by making a little confession to his followers about Mayor Sara Duterte.

“Aaminin ko, I had better grades in law school. But here I am supporting the daughter with much more confidence than what I had when I supported the father.”


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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