Widow of cop slain by NPA in Masbate writes open letter tormenting the conscience of her husband’s murderer

The Philippines has seen the longest communist insurgency in Asia, if not in the world, and the biggest losers are the children of combatants orphaned by war.

On the morning of September 31, 2017, PO2 Mervin Capellan was taking the police van for a car wash but was ambushed by at least 20 NPA rebels somewhere in Barangay Poblacion, Masbate. [Link here]

Capellan died on the spot due to the multiple gunshot wounds.

Capellan was survived by his wife and three children.

The death of PO2 Capellan devastated his wife who took to Facebook expressing her emotions via an open letter.

In the open letter, Mary Ann Gueta Capellan appealed to President Duterte to declare an all-out war against the savages.

Dear NPA:

Look at these faces. Look at them closely. They are the children of the police officer you brutally killed. No, you did not kill him, you SLAUGHTERED him! And you took his necklace!

When you sleep at night may these faces haunt you for depriving them of a father. For depriving me of a husband.

Tell me, did you find contentment in slaughtering him?

I raise my fist ✊✊✊ for an appeal to the President. Please declare an all-out war against these savages! I implore your powers as the President in the name of my children and the children of other slain police officers and their families.

President Rodrigo Duterte

The open letter broke the heart of netizens who expressed their sympathies by commenting in the post of the widow.

Jelai Akoo Rsw remarks: “Condolence po i know exactly how you feel today po. Same thing happen to our beloved father. Alam po namin ang sakit ng mawalan ng ama sa parehas na paraan ng pagkawala ng asawa nyu. May he rest in peace.”

Gina Pableo Moncy writes: “I feel sad for this NPA because for the long period of time they are killing fellow Filipino without mercy For their leader who is living in a very luxurious life, nice house and cars and samantalang itong pumapatay na NPA still they are staying in the mountain with miserable life without freedom to enjoy their own life with their family! So they want to destroy family life!”

As of this posting, the post has gathered 930 shares, 2,075 reactions and 737 comments on Facebook.

Credits photos to Mary Ann Gueta Capellan

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