Airline passenger could face charges after failing to check her temper and slapped a cabin crew

An airline passenger could face charges after failing to check her temper and slapped a cabin crew when the latter refused to stow her bag.

The slapping incident involving an airline passenger and a Cebu Pacific cabin crew has been the trending topic lately on social media after angry netizens empathize with the hapless girl.

In a Facebook post, Cebu Pacific cabin crew named Madel Ty shared her narrative of the story that reads:

Im doing this for my fellow cabin crew. Sana maging lesson sa lahat and matutong ipaglaban ang nararapat. At para na din wala ng maulit pang ganitong case sa ibang crew. I’m sorry pero hanggang ngayon nattrauma pa din ata ako. I’m not really the one na kinagagalitan ng pax. But since im the lead cabin crew involved na din ako sa incident and kargo ko mga kasama ko.

I don’t want to elaborate what happened. Basta the bottom line, kaming mga cabin crew/flight steward our main priorities are your safety and not to carry or lift your bags. Ang kinasasama lang ng loob ko sa napakasimpleng bag na di ma stow ng maayos kailangan mo kaming sabihan na ‘your job is to assist passengers, kumbaga sa bus, mga konduktor kayo! Godda**it!’ And for the record, even konduktor hindi binubuhat bags ko to stow it. At walang masama sa trabaho namin at sa pagging konduktor. Nagttrabaho kami ng marangal. Pinalampas ko na mga sinabi mo.

Nagapologize ako ng paulit ulit. Di na ko sumsagot at pumapatol. Hinahabaan ko na pasensya ko. Kasi iniintindi ko nalang yang galit mo. Ininsulto mo na nga yung trabaho namin na akala mo binili mo pati buong pagkatao namin. But this is too much. Di ako pinagaral ng magulang ko just for you to slapped me. In the end, hindi naman kami yung nagmumukang walang pinag-aralan at walang manners eh.

Well ayaw ko na pahabain pa to. Madami nakawitness sa nangyari. May Godbless you ma’am. See you in COURT!

But before judging Ms. Ty for refusing to stow the bag of the passenger, please read the post of the Facebook Page ‘A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge‘ regarding the airline policy on such matter.

Most airlines give their cabin crew instructions to refrain from lifting heavy bags. Crews are often not covered by medical coverage if an injury results from lifting passengers’ luggage. Each year thousands of cabin crew suffer injuries while trying to manage passengers heavy carry-ons.

For reasons we could only speculate, Ms. Ty removed her post on Facebook after netizens sympathetic to her sentiment shared it with gusto.

The Facebook post garnered 2000 shares before it was removed. However, netizens were able to take a screenshot of her post, copied and re-posted it somewhere else.

The post of A certain Paz Reconquista who claimed to be a friend of the Cebu Pacific cabin crew might shed light on why Ms. Ty removed her post.

The victim is a friend of mine. And said person who slapped her is claiming that she is the wife of a General. For those who are wives of the AFP, PNP& PCG Officials hindi po tayo ang may ranggo, asawa po natin wala po tayong karapatang manakit ng kapwa natin dahil tayo ay asawa ng heneral o kung sino pa man. Sana matuto po tayong magpakumbaba. Wala po tayong kinalaman sa mga ranggo ng mga asawa natin. Humility is a blessing from God! Just saying…

However, the post of another netizen says the passenger involved in the slapping incident claim she is the wife of an AFP Colonel.

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The bottom line here, whether she is the wife of a general or an AFP Colonel, the passenger is liable under the Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2008.

According to Section 81 (b)paragraph 9 of Republic Act No. 9497 also know as the Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2008 states:

(9)Any person who, while on board an aircraft, interferes with a crew member’s or flight attendant’s performance of their duties, assaults, intimidates, or threatens any crew member or flight attendant, shall be subjected to imprisonment from one (1) year to three (3) years or a fine of not less than Fifty thousand pesos (Php50,000.00) but not exceeding Five hundred thousand pesos (Php500,000.00), or both, as determined by the court;


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