Will Angel Locsin sue AFP General for outing elder sister an underground NPA cadre? Twitter debates

A Twitter netizen using the profile name “ThePoliticalLabandera” has created some noise by opening a thread regarding the exposé of an AFP official that Angel Locsin’s elder sister has gone underground and joined the NPA in Quezon province.

ThePoliticalLabandera said she was curious how Angel Locsin will react on the exposé of an AFP official regarding her sister.

ThePoliticalLabandera’s tweet, as expected, elicited replies from netizens who are obviously not a fan of the Kapamilya actress.

One netizen with the Twitter handle @berthive said he doubts Angel Locsin will sue the AFP official.

Another netizen using the handle @amielroldan warned fellow netizens what awaits them in case they joined the CPP-NPA-NDF group.

Another netizen with the handle @ninongboy replied that he was not surprised with the AFP official’s exposé because he believed that proverbial ‘walks, swims, quacks like a duck, is duck’ applies.

mr_coolguy04 remarked he is now starting to question the motives and sincerity of Angel Locsin’s relief efforts.

@talkiooo commented Angel Locsin won’t sue the AFP official because it will just expose them even more.


Source: The Political Labandera

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