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With or w/out UP diploma, this lawyer endorses Imee Marcos for senator, says track record more important than diploma from UP or Princeton

The controversy surrounding Imee Marcos’ UP diploma has been the dominant noise on social media for weeks now.

As expected, the haters of the Marcoses have taken advantage of Imee’s trouble, using it as the springboard to attack the Ilocos Norte Governor, hoping to dissuade the voting public from writing down the Marcos name in the ballots come election day.

Comments like “ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw” and “if she can lie about her diploma blah, blah” have been the favorite line of Marcos critics on social media, in an attempt to shoot down Imee Marcos’ impending victory in the 2019 senatorial election.

While Imee Marcos and her family have rabid enemies, there are some people who refuses to dwell on the past (the sins of the father) but look at Imee Marcos the senatorial candidate, based on her merits as a public servant.

The perfect example is Atty. Bruce Rivera, a staunch critic of Imee Marcos father but refuses to judge Imee Marcos based on allegation that she lied about her UP diploma and Princeton degree. [Link here]

You may read the full post below now.


Many people are making a big deal out of Imee and her UP diploma or the lack of it in the same breath people are making a big deal out of Mar’s Wharton education. For me, someone’s education is just a part of his or her life and will not define him or her. I am a graduate of University of San Carlos in elementary, UP Cebu High School for secondary Southwestern University for college and San Beda College for law but many would not define me from my education. Nobody would know that I am Catholic educated in the most pivotal times of my life and yes, I was UP educated in high school (when Angara was UP President and Kiko Pangilinan was President of the Student Council) so I can sing UP Naming Mahal by heart. And yet, Catholic or UP education do not define me.

I really do not care if Imee has a UP diploma or not. Not everyone that comes from UP turns out to be brilliant (and again, I am a UP product). So, it is not necessarily an achievement to finish in UP especially if she did so at the time when her dad was President. And if she knew that she did not graduate from UP, why claim it if it will only bring her humiliation. Either, Imee graduated from UP or she believed in good faith she graduated from UP because God knows what people who were “sip-sip” to Marcos did to make her believe it. And for a fact, Imee’s son graduated from UP Law which makes it unlikely for her claim something she knows to be false.

As for the absence of records, oh well, let me just say something: records are not infallible in the past. There are Filipinos who have no birth certificates because they were lost or destroyed. Land titles magically disappear to favor oligarchs. Who knows what happened to her records. But there was a graduation and why create a graduation ceremony just for Imee? Did they know it will be an issue in the future for the Marcos family to stage a graduation just to make Imee believe she did graduate.

But here is where I make the distinction. Your education only gives you the tools to be better in life. You may be summa cum laude like Hilbay or magna cum laude like me but pale in comparison to Imee in public service. She has been governor of Ilocos Norte and congresswoman of the same place for the longest time during an era when the Romualdez and Marcos family name is a curse. An era where an Aquino is an Aquino and a Romualdez is a Romualdez is made a line of demarcation by no-less than a sitting DILG Secretary that time. And she has been successful without much as a national scandal. Let us give it to Imee. She made a name for herself as a public servant without the help of anyone except the legacy of Apo. And for me, that is what matters even without a diploma from UP or Princeton.

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