Witty netizen exposes Angelica Panganiban’s public display of stupidity

Gone are the days when bitching against the government is an exclusive club for radio commentators and newspaper columnist writers.

In the age of social media, ordinary netizens can fire at will against the government regardless if their criticism is smart or simply dumb and baseless.

And when you are good, witty and dishes entertaining or amusing lines that panders to one political group, anyone can gain a sizeable following overnight and instant fame in the social media world.

On that note, many local celebrities found this phenomenon very irresistible. Now they are making “tambay” on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook while waiting for their next gig or just engaging with their fans.

While many local celebs are just satisfied of having the platform to engage with their fans, there are a few local celebrities who are opinionated and dipped their hands in politics, either they are pro or anti government.

There are a few names of local celebs who are rabid anti-Duterte government but for the sake of this post, let us just focus on Angelica Panganiban.

Just recently, the Kapamilya actress took to Twitter to complain about the plight of the common people in the midst of the pandemic. The actress talked about poor people getting with the virus, no money and getting weak and yet, they still have to pay for the swab test. And when the test is positive, the poor guy would have to pay for the hospitalization? For the medicine? For one’s mental care? Panganiban asked. She asked if people can still hope for free vaccine from the government? She answered her question in the negative. She said poor people will also have to pay for their vaccine. The thought of it left her teary-eyed. This she said is very emotional!

As expected, Angelica Panganiban’s tweet went viral, getting both positive and negative vibes from the supporters of the opposing political camps.

A Twitter netizen using the handle @JBagwis, apparently not a fan of the actress and a supporter of the Duterte government, took the cudgels for the Duterte supporters and corrected the actress about people having to pay for the swab test and vaccine. The netizen amused like-minded netizens when he made a JOKE about Angelica’s love life.

While JBagwis witty reply only receives 400+ hearts on Twitter, the same cannot be said on Facebook. In fact, his tweet went viral on Facebook, generating 4,500 laughs and 1,400+ likes after radio host and blogger Mark Lopez shared it on his wall.


Source: Joe Bagwis

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