Work badly done is worse than work undone! – Lawyer’s message to Leni Robredo amid fierce defense of BAHAYanihan project

In the midst of the harsh criticism on OVP’s BAHAYanihan project, questioning structural integrity of the houses by looking at the photos circulating online, Robredo fiercely defended her “pabahay” project in latest statement released to the media.

An obviously annoyed VP Leni Robredo clapped back at critics, telling them to help, instead of criticizing her BAHAYanihan project.

Atty. Nick Nañgit, one VP Leni Robredo’s harsh critics on social media, saw another opportunity to take a swipe at the Vice President.

On Facebook, Atty. Nick wrote: “Aling Dolores aka Madumb Mema, you still don’t get it!”

Atty. Nick remarked that Robredo could be either of the two. If both, Atty. Nick called Robredo “utterly hopeless”.

“Either napakahina talaga ng da coconut nut mo o ang kapal na ng fezlak mo. In both cases, you are UTTERLY HOPELESS!”

On that note, Atty. Nick offered VP Robredo a wise advice.

“Umuwi ka na lang sa iyong dafters who are all ghorls, where you will be of better extra serbis to the 91% Pinoys.”

Atty. Nick turned serious and left VP Robredo a saying for her to chew on.


Meanwhile, Edwin Jamora, another harsh critic of VP Robredo took to Facebook to share his reaction, in light of Robredo’s statement that the photos of the BAHAYanihan house circulating on social media was just a mock up.

“The houses were just a mockup?! Dem shit! With an army of media?! Calling it groundbreaking?! And still a mockup?!
Alam nyo? Siraulo to! Tse!”

The Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan refused to be left out and criticized VP Robredo, calling her statement “palusot” or a mere excuse from the harsh criticism on social media.

“Ay. Mock up? Tumulong na lang IMBES NA MAMBATIKOS? Hindi naman siya nahirinan nyan?” #Palusot


Source: Nick Nañgit – NCN Law

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