Wow! COA asks DPWH to explain 6M paint job for Yolanda bunk houses. Must Read!!!!

The post regarding the 6M paint job for the Yolanda bunkhouses in Tacloban has been widely talked and debated by netizens lately.

In a Facebook post, PULPOLitika, an FB Page known for exposing anomalies in government, wrote that the Commission on Audit is asking the DPWH to explain the 6M paint job for the Yolanda bunkhouses in Tacloban.

According to PULPOLitika, 5,869 gallons of paint were purchased for the 248 bunkhouses for victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda in Leyte.

Let me quote the COA report released on Friday.

It appeared that almost 24 gallons of paint were consumed for each bunkhouse which was an enormous quantity for the size of a bunkhouse.

“A bunkhouse has 24 rooms, each with a floor area of 8.64 square meters,” wrote PULPOLitika.

“Sa totoong buhay, sapat na ang 1 gallon para sa floor area na 25 to 35 square meters,” it added.

But a netizen, apparently an engineer sees nothing unusual with the figures provided by DPWH. Let us read his long comments below to help us make sense of the figures.

Romeo Fernandez wrote:

Ayaw ko sanang mag comment, pero being an engineer myself, gusto ko lang linawin ang estimate ng paints. Hope i will not offend anybody who commented here. Iba kasi pag sinabi mo na floor area sa surface area. ang may paint ay ung surface area which are the walls and ceiling of the house. I’ll just concentrate on the walls, I assumed na walang ceiling ung mga houses. The dimension will be 3 meters x 2.88 meters each room to make it 8.64 square meters floor area. Wall height is 2.80 meters (my assumption). If there are 24 rooms in one bunkhouse, I computed 508.71 square meters per bunkhouse. 248 bunkhouses multiply by 508.71 square meter/bunkhouse, the total area will be 126,160.48.40 square meter. Please take note that 1 gallon of paint will cover 25 square meter surface area, one coat lang po yan. So, 126,160.48 square meter divided by 25 square meter will give you 5,046 gals of paint for one coat only. if two coats ang gagawin, so multiply by two the total gallons required, more than pa ung required gallons of paint doon sa procurement. So, mukhang tama nman yung estimate nila.

Ralph Christian Saliva agrees with Romeo Fernandez and wrote:

Hindi naman sa FLOOR AREA ine-estimate ang Paints. WALLS AND CEILING ang coverage ng Paints. And yet, ang isang gallon ng Paint ay 20-25sqm ang coverage niya. Maglalagay ka muna ng pang surface preparations mo then primer paint then first coat and second coat pa. I think tama lang yung Estimate niyan sa dami ng Bunk Houses. Think before you post. (wala sanang makaaway, engineer’s point of view lang. Peace man!)

Donn Paulo Rosales Cuales also agrees with Romeo and wrote:

I agree. I’m managing a hardware and const supply store and it’s mandatory for me to know this kind of things. Most people thought na pag pintura, basta pintura lang ng pintura. Hindi nila alam ang 1st coating, and sometimes may masilya pang kailangan.

Glenn Rafael Escover Foronda partially agrees with Romeo but expresses reservation on the issue.

I am an electrical engineer kaya wala akong idea regarding civil works like paint, but in your computation, tama nga naman, pero di ko pa rin maiwasan na merong corruption jan… Given na yan, gobyerno yan eh…

But another netizen named Rene San Gaspar has a different take on the issue and wrote:

This bunkhouses had been featured in countless news already, the painting covers the front exterior wall. Inside Nada! But of course they would make it appear as this also includes the interior walls. Sadly the bunkhouse project was overpriced on the onset of construction, from labor cost to materials.

What are your thoughts on this 6M paint job?

Source: PULPOLItika


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