Wow! For singing live in ASEAN gala, this journalist says she is ashamed to have Duterte as President?

President Duterte singing LIVE in last night’s gala at ASEAN Summit 2017 and this journalist says she is ashamed to have Duterte as President?

Katrina Stuart Santiago of the Manila Times expressed her strong opinion against President Duterte singing upon “orders” of President Trump because according to her, Duterte just showed that we are America’s little brown monkey.

“I am ashamed to have #Duterte as president of my country, followed by # DumpTrump and BanTrumpPh hashtags.”

Credits to Antonio Contreras for the screen grab photo.

Santiago’s post did not make a lot of people happy especially among Duterte supporters.

De La Salle University professor Antonio Contreras took to Facebook to defend President Duterte from critics.

“So what is wrong about the President singing live during the gala event? If there is one beautiful thing that happened, it would be that. He embodied everything Filipino in us. Informal. Weird sense of humor. We always oblige a visitor. And that doesn’t mean we are under his thumb or even like him.

And on this I really have to call out my former Manila Times colleague Katrina Stuart Santiago here for calling the Presidemt a little brown monkey for doing so.

Criticisms are fine Katrina. It is okay if you turn it into your art. But art is supposed to be human, and on this one it isn’t.”

Paeng Doming agrees with Prof. Contreras. “Tama ka, Prof. Singing has and always will be one of the most positive identity or traits of us being pinoys. That bitter lady is only hating on Digong because yellowturd nga sya. I’m sure kung si Abnoy pa ang kumakanta ng IT’S RAINING MEN sa ASEAN Gala Dinner eh all praises lang sya sa singing prowess ni Abnoy. Shame on her bitter face lang.”

Netizen Benedict Exconde sees nothing wrong PRRD obliging to Pres. Trump’s request. “Last night’s gala dinner had a Filipino touch in it. The fun-loving singing after the dinner, the hospitality of the President and Ms. Avanceña. A very Filipino gala dinner that foreigners will surely appreciate- and we should be proud of it.”

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