Wow! I had goosebumps listening to this woman talks why she believes in Mayor Duterte so much

I have Facebook friends who are not sold to Mayor Duterte and doubt he can pull it off in a span of six years to solve the many ills of our country should Duterte comes out the winner in the 2016 Presidential election.

Makes a lot sense, right? But when you think about it, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has never made any claim he can solve it alone in the first place. If my memory serves me right, Mayor Duterte has always said he needs all the help he can get and the cooperation of the entire people to solve the problems hounding the country like illegal drugs, high crime rate and corruption.

But, after watching this video uploaded recently by a Facebook Page that was solely created to promote the candidacy of the good Mayor, I can’t help myself but keeps gushing how this woman supporter of Duterte talks why the Mayor of Davao is the best choice among the Presdientiables in 2016.

I am sure not sure if everyone will agree with me, but I am a believer in the saying that the best person to talk about a particular product, well in this case, a candidate must be someone who have personal experience with the product they are trying to sell.

Judging how she talks about Duterte & his management style, she should get more votes in favor of Duterte since she is very articulate and creates the impression that she does sound sincere of her belief on Duterte.

You may start watching the video now.

Napakalinaw po ng pag iisip ni Ate at alam nya ang kanyang sinasabi. Yan po mag isip ang responsabling mga Pilipino!

Posted by Rodrigo Duterte Thumbs-Up Fever 2016 on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What do you think about this post? Do you agree with her on Duterte?

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