Wow! More netizens speak out, share ‘zero hospital bill policy’ experience in Duterte admin

Following the testimony of an OFW about her sick father who was hospitalized for 2 weeks but did not pay a single cent to the hospital, more netizens come out in the open to share their story.

A netizen from Davao City shared the experience of her Mom’s caregiver who suffered an acute appendicitis, gone under the knife and discharged without paying a single cent.

At first, they brought her to a private hospital but the 70K fee for the surgery was too stiff for a lowly caregiver.

So, she was brought to the SPMC, a government-owned hospital in Davao City, for the medical treatment of her mother’s ‘alalay.’

To think, this happened on November 2016, a month before the Department of Health announced it officially in  the major dailies.

My mom’s alalay had severe stomach ache sometime in November last year. She was brought to a nearby small private hospital to find relief. She was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and needs immediate surgery with tumataginting na 70k . I told my mother to bring her to SPMC, sa davao city ito. Although she has to wait for her turn sa OR dahil sa dami ng pasyente, inasikaso na man siya at nka morphine drip. Hindi na kami nag hanap pa ng kakilala sa loob para unahin sa pag asikaso sa kanya. Naka uwi siya after 2 days. Ang Sabi ng nanay ko wala silang binayaran at pati gamot libre lahat. This happened a month before the announcement was made. Matagal nato na eenjoy ng mga taga davao at kahit ng taga ibang lugar na nag papagamot doon.

Facebook user Johnny Maravilla said her mother was a recipient of Duterte’s ‘zero bill policy’ in public hospitals.

A Facebook user named Flo Rence from Baguio also had a similar experience last year. His father even joked that he wants to be confined again.

A Facebook user from La Union named Larrymei Nuqui also claimed being a beneficiary of Duterte admin’s ‘zero bill policy’ in public hospitals.

Some netizens joked that it is now ok to get sick because of Duterte’s free hospitalization policy.

Meanwhile, some are taking this news with skepticism.

Your thoughts?

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