Wow! This UP student activist leader just admitted on video many NPA recruits are UP alumnis?

It has been the talked on social media that the University of the Philippines is a hotbed of NPA recruitment activities.

Talks also abound on social media that the leftist organizations are the number 1 recruiters of NPA cadres in the cities.

But rumors like these are quickly shoot down by UP student activists and their sympathizers as nothing but a military propaganda made out to discredit the school.

But as the saying goes that a horse is caught by its mouth is indeed true.

A video that is making the rounds on social media lately showed student activist leader identified as Kara Taggaoa, spokesperson of the League of Filipino Students from the UP Diliman, making a confession in public proudly on video, that indeed many UP alumnis have joined the New People’s Army (NPA).

Taggaoa was addressing fellow protesters at the Mendiola Peace Arch during the March As One mobilization campaign.

The video of Taggaoa was posted on the Facebook page of the League of Filipino students with the caption, “Wala nang kalayaang maaagaw sa atin dahil matagal na tayong hindi malaya. Kaya tayo lumalaban ay dahil babawiin natin ang ating kalayaan.”.

In the video, Taggaoa denounced the re-introduction of ROTC to college male students to teach them art of war and how to fight for their county.

Taggaoa said this is not true because according to our history, the people have learned how to fight because they are ‘makabayan’ or patriotic.

Taggaoa also called Cardema’s proposal of revoking scholarships of students who joined the NPA pointless because these students have already stopped attending schools.

At these juncture, Taggaoa dropped the explosive bomb and confessed that UP alumnis from their organization (League of Filipino students) have contributed many of its members to the ranks of the NPA’s.

According to the website of the League of Filipino Students, the LFS is among the founding members of the Kabataan Partylist.

You may watch the video below now.

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