Fearless Manila Bulletin writer burns Teddy Casino, dares Casino to transfer his kids from La Salle to Lumad school, otherwise he is a hypocrite!

Leftist leader Teddy Casino couldn’t help but speak up amidst heavy criticism on social media against student activist.

Casino said being an activist is not bad per se. Digong was once an activist, so was his mom.

An activist, says Casino, serves the people by pushing agenda for reforms in our society.

While Casino’s tweet has been well-received by like-minded netizens, he has a fair share of critics too.

Manila Bulletin writer and DDS blogger Krizette Laureta Chu slammed Casino on Facebook, calling him hypocrite and full of BS.

Chu lamented that while Casino talks about activism in school as no terrorism but simply fighting for a cause, his kids go to La Salle.

Chu called this hypocrisy.

Chu dared Casino to walk the talk and transfer his kids from La Salle to Lumad schools and send them to immersion trips in the mountains.

Chu couldn’t stop the urge to cuss at Casino, whom she called fake communist in light of news report of young students reportedly going missing, Casino’s children were worried how to sell cookies by the buckets in school fair.

While stalking Casino’s children on social media, Chu was even more furious upon learning Casino’s child was pre-occupied with ordinary struggles of young people as shown in his language. “Can you feel me? Cause I can FILA.” Meanwhile. Casino was egging other’s children to join the struggle and not to be afraid.

You may read Krizette Chu’s rant versus Teddy Casino below.

Teddy Casino yaks about activism in schools (not terrorism daw, may pinaglalaban Lang naman daw yung mga bata) while his kids go to LA SALLE.


If you want to walk your talk, paaralin mo sa Lumad schools yung mga anak mo leche ka. Ipa immersion mo sa bundok Yang mga yan.

Putang Ina nakakagigil, habang nawawala yung Mga bata galing sa ibang eskwelahan ang problema ng anak ni Teddy Casino magbenta ng cookies by the bucket for the school fair!!! Leche ka Teddy putang ina ninyong mga pekeng komunista.

Tapos ganito ang language ng bata. “Can you feel me? Cause I can FILA.” Meanwhile si Teddy inuudyukan yung mga anak ng iba na “MAKIBAKA WAG MATAKOT!”


Magising kayo!

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