Writer’s brilliant tweet demanding Jim Paredes to apologize to Nonoy Zuniga for losing a leg catches singer in embarrassing situation

Jim Paredes has found himself shooting his foot once again after writer Leslie Bocobo demanded the singer to apologize on behalf of his mother to Nonoy Zuniga for losing his leg.

The former Apo Hiking Society singer-songwriter put himself in an embarrassing situation after calling on Bongbong Marcos on Twitter to issue a public apology on behalf of his father.

An obviously annoyed Leslie Bocobo couldn’t stand Jim Paredes’s hypocrisy, so the blogger/writer decided to put Paredes in his proper place.

Bocobo also took a swipe at Noynoy Aquino, who have been hitting the Marcoses every opportunity he gets, by reminding the ex-President the treachery of his father Ninoy, who was mysteriously absent on the night Plaza Miranda was bombed.

I can’t tell if Bocobo’s tweet has come to Jim’s attention but if he did, for sure the former Apo Hiking Society singer would be red-faced since Bocobo’s tweet was not pulled out of thin air.

In case you missed it, Jim Paredes’s mother was allegedly connected with the “Light-A-Fire Movement”, an anti-Marcos movement involved in a series of bombings in Metro Manila.

One of the prominent victims in the bombings was singer Nonoy Zuniga who lost a leg when the singer found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. [Link here]

In reaction to Bocobo’s brilliant retort to Jim Paredes’s tweet, netizens couldn’t help but jeer and taunt Jim Paredes as shown in the comments below.

Thelma Bonifacio Anong say mo Jim Parades? Tama n papogi mo Laos kn tanda kn….

Leleth P. Chavarria Supalpal ang Laos na Jim Paredes

Puraw Viloria Are not ashamed Jim??? Your mother is being drag here just because of you…instead the people or young generation of today should not learn about the bad side of your mom…but here you are inducing people to get back on you….tsk, tsk, tsk….Danny Javier, Boboy Garobillo, kindly advise your collegue kawawa Naman….sa ilocano pa….Aysus APO….

La Venezia Why wont you shut ur mouth and reread history during that bombing era. Have u talk to ur mother all about it?

Albert Jotea Light a fire angtawag sa grupo NG teroristS Kung saan naging kasapi Ang nanay ni Jim paredes. Isa sa pinasabugan nla noon ASTA be convention sa PICC!

Your thoughts?

Credits to Patricia Laurel for screengrab photo.

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