Yes or No? President Duterte does not need to endorse BBM-Sara tandem or any one at this time. He just have to ensure our votes will be counted fairly

It appears President Duterte isn’t endorsing a candidate for President in the wake of Senator Bong Go’s official withdrawal from the presidential race based on his latest public pronouncement and will stay neutral and ensure a fair and honest 2022 election.

Despite President Duterte’s announcement, a vlogger, who is a vocal supporter of the Bong Go for President movement, claimed President Duterte is leaning towards endorsing Isko Moreno for President.

MJ Quiambao Reyes, a staunch Duterte supporter and socmed influencer thumbed down the idea of President Duterte endorsing Isko in her latest FB post.

Reyes remarked that the BBM-Sara tandem are hugely popular that a PRRD endorsement is unnecessary. A clean a honest election is all that is needed and that is where President Duterte can come in.

You may now read MJ Reyes’ full FB post.

Sa sobrang lakas naman na ngayon nina Sara at BBM, all that is needed to ensure their win is a clean and honest election in May 2022. Now that’s where our President Rody Duterte should come in.

He does not need to endorse them or any one at this time. He just have to ensure our votes will be counted fairly. 🇵🇭

Netizens jumped into the comment section, expressing their opinion on MJ Reyes’ FB post.

That’s very true. Let’s all pray for a fair and honest election. God bless the Philippines 🙏

That’s PRRD’s earnest desire. He said for once, I want Filipinos to experience a clean and honest election

Yes. Respect and protection is all we need. Please be vigilant. Our right of suffrage is sacred.

This is the only administration that does not endorse anyone or make an active stance on supporting a candidate. Truly Duterte wants to be different not clinging to power. Though Sara run as VP but has stayed away from his father’s shadow. This should serve as an example to all politicians. If you are given the chance to lead or govern just do your job without expecting in return.

Yes po. Tama. Kahit hndi na mag endorse si Tatay Digs. Although his support would mean so much to us. Tsaka i think that will help unite dds and loyalist. Kasi nag aaway-away tapos sinasakyan pa.


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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