Yolanda survivor cusses former SolGen Hilbay for #NasaanPangulo tweet: “Mga Bobo. Mga Stupido. Mga walang konsensya”

A Yolanda survivor was furious at ex-President Benigno Simeon Aquino III’s former SolGen Florin Hilbay for politicizing the recent onslaught of Habagat in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

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Leyte native and Manila Bulletin lifestyle magazine editor Krizette Laureta Chu lashed at Hilbay on Facebook after Hilbay’s tweet was brought to her attention.

Chu was particularly mad because Hilbay attempted to politicize this Habagat event by using the hashtag Nasaan ang Pangulo, which can be handled easily by the LGU’s. This fact, Chu remarked, shows how little they think of Yolanda and SAF.

Chu slammed Hilbay for having the audacity to compare a Habagat event to a tragedy with such magnitude as YOLANDA and SAF 44.

On this note, Chu accused Hilbay of disrespecting the families whose loved ones perished in Yolanda tragedy and SAF 44 fiasco.

In anger, Chu told critics they have no right to ask the whereabouts of Duterte because when Pnoy was the President their know-nothing, heartless and no-conscience President could never be found when his people needed him the most.

Chu asked how many times the “dilawans” have used the issue of Yolanda. And even asking for Marawi funds when in fact Chu said have never been given in full.

At this juncture, Chu cussed at the critics, particularly the dilawans.

To end her post, Chu said in jest that unless Hilbay stopped using the Yolanda issue, she will curse him and PAB (Jover Laurio) to be life-long partners.

Read Chu’s post below.

The fact that fucking Florin Hilbay Florin Hilbay Florin Hilbay uses the Nasaan Ang Pangulo hashtag to politicize this habagat, which was handled very well by the LGU, show how little they think of Yolanda and SAF. How dare you compare a Habagat event, which is a non-issue in a country hit by typhoons 20 times a year, and which will probably go through another habagat event in a few months time just like this weekend, to a tragedy of YOLANDA and SAF 44 proportions. Wala kayong mga respeto sa mga namatayan. O nasaan naman ang pangulo ninyong walang alam, walang puso, at walang konsensya? Sige, i trivialize nyo pa ang Yolanda at gamitin nyo ang comparison sa trahedyang dinaanan namin dahil sa kasalbahian, kapabayaan, at kagahaman ninyo.

Pang ilang gamit ninyo ito sa Yolanda. Pati Marawi funds hinahanap ninyo na hindi pa man din nabibigay lahat. Anong akala mo, mawawala ang Marawi funds gaya ng pagka wala ng Yolanda funds. Tingin mo naman lahat ng tao mana sa inyo. Pwe.


Isang gamit nyo pa ng Yolanda, ipapa ritual ko na si PAB ang makakapiling mo habang buhay leche.

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