You don’t want any more Dutertes? Pwes, umayos kayo — Cebuano socmed influencer on Ateneo’s warped sense of superior morality

OMG, cancel Kris Aquino and Bimby! 🙄😂

This is the sarcastic remark of Cebuano socmed influencer Mike Acebedo Lopez in reaction to the brouhaha over social media from the anti-Marcos critics calling to cancel Toni Gonzaga for giving Bong Marcos the platform for historical revisionism.

Lopez said Ateneo’s distorted sense of moral superiority is an incurable cancer. Since Ateneo hate Duterte so much, Lopez advised them to understand what gave rise to leaders like him. Otherwise, there will be more Dutertes in the future.

This Ateneo warped sense of moral superiority is a cancer that no chemo can ever treat. 🤮You hate Duterte so much, then at least try to understand what gave rise to leaders like him. You continue with this woke self-righteousness and ultra hypocrisy, I guarantee you—there will be more Rodrigo Dutertes to come. The election of politicians like Duterte is a collective middle finger up yours, Ateneo.

Lopez ended the brief FB post by leaving Ateneo with an wise advice.

You don’t want any more Dutertes? Pwes, umayos kayo.

As of this writing, Lopez’s FB post has generated 2,600 reactions, 65 comments and 166 shares in 11 hours and counting.

Here are some of the comments of netizens below.

I assure you that a considerable number of Ateneans are not like that, wrote one netizen.

This netizen said she is tired of Ateneo and hope BBM becomes out next President.

Nakakasawa na sila promise! sana talaga maging presidente si bbm para ma heart attack silang lahat at para umatake sila ng umatake ng maubos na kayamanan nila!

Self entitled wokes, commented another.

Move on move on din pag may time. Malapit na magliparan ang mga kotse, ang mga delivery via drones na lang, babaero pa rin si Gerald Anderson at Derek Ramsey etc. Kaloka tong mga Atenista na ‘to, chimed in another.

Di naman siguro lahat ng mga taga Ateneo…pero madami dami ding Epokrito, this netizen said that perhaps not all Ateneans are like that.


Source: Mike Acebedo Lopez

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