‘You have gone mad, Angel.’ — Lawyer & friend of Angel Locsin reacts after actress picks on new Darna

‘Ok, sumobra na ang Angel Locsin this time.’

This is the fighting words of Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan in his latest FB post in reaction to the Kapamilya actress lashing at the new Darna for refusing to speak out against the government after ABS-CBN fails to secure a new franchise.

Atty. Ahmed asked Locsin what is her basis for accusing the new Darna of lying? Of making excuses? Of holding herself back from speaking up?

‘Ano ang basis mo for saying that the new Darna is not telling the truth? That she is not saying her opinion about things? That she is just making excuses?’

Atty. Ahmed chided Locsin for speaking down on the new Darna because she has the monopoly of truth and better than the new Darna?

1. Like you know her mind more than she does;

2. Like the only truth are the things that you are saying;

3. Like the only valid opinions and feelings are those that you have;

4. Like the only things that are worth doing are the things you do.

Atty. Ahmed begged for explanation from Locsin with regards to her behavior lately.

‘What happened to you, Gel? In all your recent tirades, I have not seen you make any plausible logical excuse for your behavior. You haven’t said any fact that supports your shrill anger. You haven’t even stated what you are angry at or about.’

Atty. Ahmed figured Locsin is just angry but he can’t tell what made Locsin feel that way.

‘It seems that you are just angry. The reason or subject for it isn’t very clear to me. And there’s no clue to it in everything you have said so far.’

At this juncture, Atty. Ahmed explicitly told Locsin he will stop defending her like he did in the past because she is no longer the same woman her blind father was very proud of.

‘If I have been defending you as an inherently reasonable and kind person, despite the shallowness which comes with your job; now I have changed my mind. You are not the same person I met at your house. You are not the same woman whose blind father was very proud of. You are not a person I can continue to believe, respect, defend and admire.’

‘You are too far gone, Gel,’ Atty. Ahmed declared.

Atty. Ahmed conceded that none of the good feeling he had for Angel Locsin then matters to her now. In fact, he began to doubt if it was even justified at having those good feelings about Angel in the first place.

‘I know none of the good feelings I had for you then matters to you now. In fact, I’m beginning to doubt if I was even justified at having those good feelings about you in the first place.’

Obviously disappointed at his former idol and friend, Atty. Ahmed told Angel Locsin how he felt towards the actress now.

‘You have gone mad, Angel. You have made it very difficult to even imagine that you used to be the opposite of who you are now.’

Atty. Ahmed ended the FB post by announcing officially that he is taking the actress out of his friends’ list.

‘Another friend down. Another friend out.’

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Source: Ahmed Paglinawan

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