Young American woman couldn’t hold back tears while on Facebook live video at Manila Bay, says ‘hope is possible’

While some Filipinos (hello opposition politicians and supporters) have been unappreciative of what is happening in Manila Bay, this young American woman couldn’t hold back tears after seeing in person its dramatic transformation.

Liana Meyer, an American, has taken to Facebook via a live video, inviting Filipinos to come down Manila Bay and to see that ‘hope is possible’.

Meyer did the Facebook live video on January 30, 2019 just in time to catch the world famous Manila Bay sunset.

Meyer wrote that she was unexpectedly overcome with emotion by the pride and happiness that clean Manila Bay has given to the people.

Live(ish) from sparkly clean Manila Bay. Forgive the tears…I was unexpectedly overcome with emotion by the pride and happiness this rehabilitation effort has given people! 💙💙💙

In the Facebook live video, Meyer said that she never thought that she would live to see the day where would stand at the edge of Manila Bay.

Meyer remarked that for weeks and months that she has been walking by, the whole area was littered with trash until the Manila Bay rehabilitation came.

Meyer described the sight of people enjoying clean Manila Bay “very beautiful and very inspiring.”

Meyer said that Filipinos deserves a clean land.

She ended the Facebook live video by inviting the public to check out Manila Bay and see for themselves that hope is possible.

Below is the transcript of the Facebook live video of Liana Meyer.

Hi! I am standing here of all places I never thought I would live to see the day where I am standing at the edge of Manila Bay, on the actual scene. Previously, for weeks and weeks and months, I’ve been walking by here everyday; this whole area was full of trash, full of trash. Not only on the sand but all the way to the water.

Um…look, everyone here is enjoying the view, enjoying the sand, taking selfies as Filipinos are known to do it. Very beautiful and very inspiring.

Filipinos deserve better and this is what they deserved. People here deserves clean land.

I am very inspired of what I am seeing right now so check it out for yourself.

So if you have the free time, it is worth it to come down and to see that hope is possible. So check it out once again, one more time.

As of this writing, Liana Meyer’s video has gone very viral on Facebook, getting more than 34,000 shares, 1,610 comments and 22,563 reactions and growing.

Check out the positive feedback from netizens on Liana Meyer’s video.

You may watch the video below.

Posted by Liana Meyer on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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Posted by Liana Meyer on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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