Young coed catches maniac guy in the act of stealing a peek under her skirt using camera phone?

Girls beware! If you are wearing a skirt, wear shorts because you’ll never know, maniac guys are roaming round freely!

This is the warning issued by a coed student from Tagbilaran, Bohol on Facebook after she caught a fellow passenger brazenly stealing a peek under her skirt using his camera phone inside a tricycle.

The young coed said that she was on the way to school today, January, 27, 2017 when the voyeurism incident occurred.

According to the young coed, she noticed that other passenger,a guy, seated next to her was taking a video under her skirt while her mind was pre-occupied preparing for the tricycle fare.

Apparently shaken but still having the presence of mind, she took a video while the ‘maniac’ guy was busy trying to capture what was hidden under skirt.

The young coed said she was so scared that she could not think straight plus the fact that she was already running late for her class so she thought the least she could do is to record the incident on video for evidence purposes.

She said she will have it reported to the local police after class.

The young coed lamented that the guy was doing the inappropriate act to her despite wearing a skirt, not a short shorts.

She said it is regrettable that she was running late for class thus she failed to record a longer video and let the world see how good looking he was.

In hindsight, she did not confront the guy to check his phone for fear there was nothing in the guy’s phone to back up her allegation.

In hindsight, slapping the face of the guy did not come to her mind.

For those who understand the Cebuano dialect, please read below.

Mao ni ang story jud..

Padung kong skwelahan ganina, ana nako nakabantay nga ga video siya pag padung nako kuha ug plete kay munaog nako so the least nako nga nahuna2an nga akong buhaton is ang videohan pud nako siya. (Promise gikulbaan ko kaayu ga kurog2 akong kamot while ga video 😭)

Tungod sa akong kakulba nya ka dali2 kay klase ko nya late napud kos akoang klase wa nako kahuna2 ug tarung. Baaaaw basta kay sa akong huna2 at least naka video ko para atleast man lang naa koy nawng niya ug ebidensya.
Ug yes mag pa blotter ko run after out nako sa klase.

So girls ug mag sayal mo. Pls pls pagsapaw mo ug shorts kay wa ta kahibaw sa panahon run daghan ng manyak! 😭💔

Di pud ko ka ako ug habnot sa iyang phone kay what if wala diay jud tu. 😭

Nya sagpaon?

Wa napud ko kahuna2 ana. 😭

Baaaaw basta wa nako kahuna2 sa tanan2 ninyung suggestion nga dapat nakong gibuhat. Kung pwede pa lang mabalik tung ganina basin mabuhat nako tanan ninyung suggestions.

Akong ra is ang magvideo para makakuhag ebindesya para ma blotter. 👿

Amping mo mga bajeeeee! 💔😭
Magkat.on na tag tae kwon do oy! 💪🏽

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The netizens expressed their indignation against the male passenger who failed to rein in his primitive urges.

Video below.

Posted by Grace Cabrillos on Thursday, January 26, 2017

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