Young cop’s brutally frank message to Senator Risa Hontiveros goes viral on FB

A certain Samm Lauren has created a quite a buzz on social media after his comment taking a swipe at Senator Risa Hontiveros was screen-grabbed and reposted by the FB page named Thinking Criminologist.

Lauren was reacting to harsh criticism from some netizens sympathetic to the ex-soldier who was shot to death by his fellow policeman recently.

Lauren urged netizens to imagine two scenarios. First scenario, the ex-soldier did not carry a grenade and everything ended up peacefully. The second scenario resulted in the death of the policeman.

Lauren figured the public will shower dead cop with praises. He cant’ help but asked if that’s how cheap the lives of the cops are to the public?

Lauren said that serving the public is hard. They don’t whine but just continue doing their jobs. He said it was clear his colleague did give instructions to the victim.

Lauren asked that if the ex-soldier was mentally-challenged, why did the family allowed him to roam freely? If the ex-soldier was mentally-challenged, why did he try to take out something from his sling bag and throw it to the police?

Lauren hit back at critics who were saying that the ex-soldier should have been frisked instead of getting shot. He said the critics should do the frisking and when something exploded, they will die not the police.

Lauren then turned his attention to Senator Risa Hontiveros. He said the senator should have lend her voice in the relief efforts to help the poor, not to make noise in situation like this and not to be selective.

Lauren also commented in the FB thread opened by the Thinking Criminologist and asked the critics if they agree that in the next police operation they will first ask the suspect if he or she is mentally sound.

“So next time na may police operation. Magtatanong muna kami. Are you mentally challenged? If yes, raise your right hand. If no, the left so that we can decide if we will shoot you or not? Do you understand? 🤣”

Thinking Criminologist’s FB post has created quite a noise on socmed, generating 11,555 shares, 4,746 reactions and 1,418 comments.

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Source: Thinking Criminologist

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