“Yung Cory Aquino gov’t my dear the very definition of crumbling”: Netizen’s reply to UP alumna’s tweet calling Duterte gov’t “shit”, “crumbling”

UP alumna named Kisha Beringuela has earned the ire of Duterte supporters in social media after her rant against President Duterte and his government went viral on Twitter.

Beringuela’s controversial tweet has been like more than 7K times and 1K people have been talking about it on twitter.

The Hague-based international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot shared the screen grab photo of the tweet of the female UP graduate Beringuela on Facebook to call the attention of the public in general and the Duterte supporters in particular.

In her tweet, Beringeula made the controversial “shit” remark on Twitter in the wake of the changing of leadership in the HoR (House of Representatives) wherein Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo replaced Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez as the new House Speaker.

OUR GOVERNMENT IS SHIT. Head of state is shit. Senate president is shit. House Speaker is still shit. Our Chief Justice was ousted.

Our government is crumbling into pieces in front of our very eyes. My heart breaks for our country. We do not deserve this kind of administration.

Moving forward, Sasot took to Facebook in protest of the unflattering “shit” remark to describe the Duterte government and the leaders of both Congress.

In her Facebook post, Sasot said that Beringuela was not yet even born when Cory Aquino was the President.

According to Sasot, the Aquino government aptly fits Beringuela’s description of “crumbling” like 8-12 hours of daily blackouts, rallyists in Mendiola were met with water cannons from fire trucks, tear gassed from police.

Sasot said Legarda was practically a wasteland in the aftermath of the protests.

Sasot said that today’s generation is pampered by the government – free tuition, health care and freedom from daily brownouts.

Teh, government “crumbling into pieces?” I believe you were still a semen and egg cell in your future mother and father’s body when Cory Aquino was president. That my dear was the very definition of crumbling. Compared to what we experienced before, your generation is very pampered by the government. Dati ang mga rallyista sa Mendiola (I lived around the area) ay binumbumbero kaagad at binabato ng tear gas (diosko, making Recto and Legarda practically a wasteland after every protest!), eh kayo ngayon? Libre na ang tuition fee, healthcare, at di na kayo dumaranas ng 8-12 blackout almost everyday!

Beringuela’s remark elicited a long sermon from an angry netizen named Ruby Yee.

“Darling let me tell you what was shit….a lot of things between 1986 to 2016. You know how I know it? I lived through those years and then before that. We didnt have internet so we didnt have access to as much information as you do now. We just lived the life the people in power handed down to us, and believed what the church drilled in our heads. For those years we knew nothing about what was going on especially if you lived in the provinces. We just felt it. Ate it. Smelled it. Lived it. Like we had no choice in the matter as we were being robbed blind by an even worse group of thieves (the elite who mostly never developed empathy for the poor because They probably never met one.), ignored our cries for help from heinous crimes (which btw was almost a rare thing pre 1986), joblessness, price hikes, our police force heads handed on a silver platter by a leader who takes no responsibility for anything, whatsoever, humiliated on the international scene as puppets of foreign governments, we had to get out of the country to work with our heads down because we did not have any pride in our country, while our heads of state recited poetry to our faces and guilted us into supporting them because they lost a parent as they elevate these parents into sainthood and as saviors of this country and the church ultimately becoming its strongest and primary propagandist. In 1986 you know what their platform was? Reconciliation and prices of that stupid Galunggong! And who were reconciled? Those political prisoners that the country spent so much resources to capture because they wanted us to be communists! And what happened to the price of a kilo of Galunggong??? From about 12php per kilo in pre Aquino 1986 to what is it now? By the time gloria was president it was 80php. We kicked out an administration based on the campaign of their presumption of guilt on the death of a treasonous senator, groups of anarchists, and the frickin price of Galunggong! And in exchange we had shit for 30 years! Grow up and contribute to society productively rather than criticizing a 2 year old administration government trying to rectify a 30 year fuck up!”

Raquel Tuvida Magbuhat pointed out how ingrate Beringuela was in her comment.

“Then it should also break your heart dahil pinaaral ka ng magulang mo sa U.P.gastos ng shit na gobyerno.wag ka na magtrabaho,tambay ka na lang lagi sa kalye at mag rally oras oras.all of my children graduated from U.P. Pero ginamit nila ang pinag aralan nila upang umunlad sila sa buhay,di upang manggulo ng bansa.mamundok ka na lang.”

Erbe M. Bugay shared the sentiment of Magbuhat.

“Tanginang ito mukhang tiga UP by the dress she is wearing (correct me if im wrong). You dont know.anything about shit and wala ka pang na contribute o naitulong sa kapwa o bayan mo. So shut the fuck up. If you are from UP gobyernong duterte ang nagpaaral sa iyo and taxpayers money. Leche”

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